Summary: For hundreds of years America has been the recipients of God’s blessing and favor

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Why Islamic Terrorists Hate America Part 1 of 2


A The U.S. has 3 main documents that forms the basis of her democracy: Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution.

1 According to former President Harry Truman they are all based on the Holy Bible.

a The Torah, Isaiah, & The Gospels specifically speaking.

b Our laws are simply a refined form of laws/concepts recorded in the Scriptures.

c The Law God gave ancient Israel, Words that formed a covenant w/ the Hebrew people as His chosen people.

2 There was interesting promise that God gave Israel in Deut. 28.1-2

a If they obeyed His words= blessing, prosperity, provision, protection, enemies would be kept at bay, win your wars, head not the tail, lender not the borrower, etc.

b If they disobeyed His words the opposite would be true.

B Because our founding documents are based on the principles of God’s Word, God requires us to abide/live according to the revelation of God’s Word.

1 For hundreds of years we as a nation have been the recipients of God’s blessing & favor.

a For many years the Bible/ Prayer were apart of daily school programs.

b The name of Jesus was revered & even “sinners” had a respect for the local church & ministers.

c During this time America rose to world prominence (if not dominance.)

aa We become the most prosperous nation, powerful military, feed the world, leader in technology, lender & leader in business & finances.

bb We have walked in blessing, favor, protection.

d Something has changed.

2 Recently our own President announced in a speech in the Middle East that America was not a Christian nation.

a Last month, a judge in KY struck down a 2006 state law that required the Kentucky office of Homeland Security to stress “dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the common wealth.”

aa Edwin Kagin, a Boone County lawyer/ National Legal director for the American Atheists was happy about it.

bb He said, “I think we all feel a little safer now. The real threats to our society come from within, not without, and that includes building a theocracy here in Kentucky.”

b This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the constitutionality of an 8 ft iron cross that was erected in the 1930’s by the VFW to memorize American Soldiers who died in WWI. (Soldiers honoring Soldiers)

aa A few years ago, the VFW had to put a plywood box over the cross.

bb This is an extreme example of what has been going on for 30 years.

c We have . . .

aa Removed Bible reading & prayer from school,

bb Legalized abortion & allowed tax money to pay for it.

cc Permitted the gay lifestyle to be accepted, promoted, & protected.

dd Allowed Christian symbols to be taken down

cc Prohibited our children from singing Silent Night, Away in a Manger at the Christmas programs.

d It as if we are shoving our unbelief in the face of God.

C Because I believe America & Israel are spiritually linked by the Word of God & by specific patterns.

1 There are three things we should know about our link with Israel.

a The same promises given to Israel apply to us.

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