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Introduction: (Laura) We loved our house even before we moved into it. The people who owned it before us were friends and they loved and cared for that house – they had great memories and lots of personal history associated with that house. We could see that just by walking in. After we bought it we wanted to make it our own so we did a lot of work to the inside – mostly, paint and wallpaper. We went with the styles and colors that we “in” at the time. It was an older home but with the updates it was as if it were brand new.

(Michael) Fast-forward 10 years. We knew we had to make some repairs to our home and that prompted discussions about some other things inside the house. Our once up-to-date stuff – wallpaper and paint – were no longer up-to-date. In fact, in 10 short years they were now out-of-date. So, my little home decorator here set out to choose colors and put into motion ideas she had had to set the place right and make that old house new again. And you know what, that’s okay; that’s a good thing. In fact, it’s biblical. God loves to make the old new again.

(Laura) We are in a series entitled “Home Improvement” and this is week #3. Today’s topic is “Why Update?” (Making the Old New Again.) Today we plan to get personal, very personal. Our goal is not to embarrass anyone, we just want to help you recover the luster if you’ve lost it or protect what you have from potential decay. So, relax and smile. This will be over before you know it.

(Michael) Sounds like a dentist appointment.

When you were a kid playing games with the other neighborhood kids and something in the game didn’t go quite right you might call out “do-over.” The kid in the lead would of course protest but you were undeterred – you just wanted another shot at whatever it was to increase you chance of winning. Did you know that God is into “do-overs?” In the OT He proclaimed every 50th year to be the great year of do-overs. Everyone got a fresh new start.

(Laura) In fact, everyday is a do-over. Lamentations 3:22, 23 (ESV) says “The

steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are

new every morning; great is your faithfulness. That means you can have a fresh new

start – in your life, in your walk with God, and in your marriage.

(Michael) the Bible says that God makes all things new. So let’s talk about how to

make some things new in your relationship. We’ll talk about three things – not

wallpaper, paint, and tile but vision, connection, intimacy.

Vision = direction (Where are you headed)

Connection = friendship (Where hearts become one)

Intimacy = sex (Where love is “made”)

1. Vision = Direction (Where are you headed)

A. Vision is not the first thing people think of when they think of a

successful marriage. But whether people realize it or not, every successful endeavor begins with a vision.

1. We had a vision of what we wanted our marriage to be when we first set out. The same holds true of our family.

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