Summary: Let’s determine to make this week end meeting every bit as good and successful as our last one.

Why we become discouraged!

I. Inactivity or Laziness

Rom 12:9-16

There is something for everyone to do.

Don’t look for someone else to start activity.

Anyone can invite someone over after church...

Anyone could provide cookies or coffee for fellowship.

Anyone could visit the hospital...

When we go around complaining about the church and its activity we are destroying it. (Fire burnout)

II. Not putting God first

When we don’t put the church and God first we get our feelings hurt. (Embarrassed)

We put what we want above what is best for the church.

We put our feelings above what is best for the church.... this was not Christ’s way.

Jesus said, "seek the kingdom of God first" A head of pride...

1st Commandment: "Love the Lord thy God will all thy heart, mind and soul..."

Above all else love.

III. Lack of Prayer

Had a close friend-moved away and didn’t see him much... lost communication...friendship dried up...someone once was close to but now when around them there is a gap... don’t know what to say.

Prayer is our communication with God. Best friend.

Jesus said, "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden. "peace" "rest"

Pray without ceasing

Without prayer the Christian will dry up.

His faith will fail.

Let us quench not the spirit-fire Thess 5:11-23

IV. Looking for excuses

We use excuses as to why we are discouraged.

When there are none, it is a lack of faith.

Steven lessons "What do we give excuses or faith."

Saul: gave excuses for not keeping the commandment of God for his offering sacrifice- Philistines

I Samuel 13:11 (Amalebite-to destroy all!)

What are some of the excuses that we use?

Each of us has used our own.

Are we living by faith? or are we putting up excuse.

Sometimes our best excuse is "I’m discouraged."

When we complain to others about our discouragement we are helping destroy the congregation and us.

Duet 1:21-28

Let’s determine to make this week end meeting every bit as good and successful as our last one.

And don’t try to put up any excuses. I Sam 15:4

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