Summary: This sermon is designed to rekindle our passion of praise by focusing on the what and why of praise.

One of the things that distinguishes the people of God from all others is praise.

We who have been born again, filled and baptized with the Spirit posses a burning and blazing desire to praise the Lord. Praise is an instinctive behavior for the true child of God; the true child of God has a severe and critical case of intensive and instinctive praise. Every morning it’s thank you Lord, during the day it’s nobody but you Lord, In the evening it glory to your name and every night It’s thank you for another days Journey. Praise is an innate and instinctive part of fiber and fabric of the genetic construction of a true child of God.

As we travel up and down the dangerous high and byways we constantly find ourselves sing songs with lyrics like nobody but you Lord, Nobody but you! We find ourselves constantly praising him for life, health and strength. We praise Him for family, friends and even foes. We praise Him for our Mountains, and His mercies. We praise him

for our troubles and His triumphs, for Ups and Downs. We praise Him inspite of tricks, traps and life’s mishaps!

Not only is praise innately instinctive and intensively, praise is also perpetual and progressive in the life of an authentic believer. In order words the more we praise Him the better it get’s to us and thereby we praise Him more and more.

(Tell your neighbor the more I praise HIM the better it gets)

See we all can recall those moments when nobody else was around and tears start to run down our faces, joy bells flooded our soul like sea billows rolling and deep from within the residence of our most inner being comes the utterance of praise. We praise him because praise is innately and instinctively a part of who we are once we come into awareness of who God is, and the awesomeness of HIS gift to us. When we truly realize who HE is and what HE has done there is born in us a burning and yearning deep within that to celebrate the awe of HIS presence, and power.

Why We Praise Him!


Let us probe a little deeper! Critical and key to our understanding of why we Praise Him is the premise that we must first understand what Praise is. Understanding what praise is will usher us into a deeper understanding why we praise Him. The English word praise originally meant “to set a price on” or “to appraise”. From this came the idea that praise meant to commend the worth of someone or something. So then praise is the celebration of the worthiness of God. Praise is therefore the product of appraisal, meaning that there has been an assessment of the value and because of the high value I have move from appraisal (checking out) to praise (celebration). Praise comes when come into knowledge about God’s power, and personhood. Let’s see if we can put another way, praise is the response we have when we come to know who God really is. When we come to know him for ourselves, and find out that He is al we need and then some. (Tell your neighbor He Is All You Need and Then Some) we can’t help but praise Him.

Praise comes when I find out for myself that he is bread when I am hunger.

Praise comes when I find out for myself that he is a friend when I am friendless.

Praise therefore is a profoundly personal experience.


Let us taxi onto the runway of this text. There are two major views about this text Psalm 30. The first holds that the occasion of this Psalm is that of dedication of the temple and the other holds that it is a psalm reflective of the events of 2 Sam 24 where David has messed up and God wipes out a large segment of the populace. We don’t really know which it is for the bible is silent yet we know conclusively that the context of Psalm 30 is recovery, and restoration that results in David’s praise of God.

Let us probe the passage and see what nuggets we can find.

David says I will extol thee, the phrase I will means in the Hebrew to think (meditate deeply) and then resolve. This phrase speaks of the Agreement, and unification of the inward man working in harmony with the outward man. This phrase I will speaks conclusively and harmoniously about the totality of our inner man, it speaks to the union of our hearts, minds, spirits and physical frame.

I will is a phrase that speaks about all of me. I may, I might and I should leave cracks and creaves for doubt, and speculation to sneak in, but I will slams the door emphatically with a kind of dogmatic emphasis. I will says I though about, but I have come to full resolve and now I have no reservations, hesitations or procrastinations about the matter.

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