Summary: This message examines 3 reasons why we worship God. Personal testimonies about worship from others are used in point #2.

“WHY WORSHIP?” Ps. 115

INTRO – As I conclude this series of “Why” sermons, there were so many different directions that I could have gone w/ these topics – “Why give…minister…witness…share…give the pastor and staff a raise…” But over the last 4 weeks, felt led to preach on “Why pray…serve…be a dad…and today, worship.” Obvious why I preached on being a dad last Sunday. But why preach on the other 3 subjects – praying, serving, and worshipping? B/c if we will be a people of prayer who are faithfully serving and worshipping G, we will experience so much of what G has for us as His children and as His church. How we need to be praying fervently! How we need to be serving faithfully! How we need to be worshipping passionately! In fact, I believe that all 3 of them are inseparable and lead to the accomplishment and fulfillment of the others – prayer is an act of worship, and when we are praying fervently, we will be led by G to serve Him; serving G is an act of worship, and when we are serving Him, we realize our need to pray; as we pray and serve, we come to understand that ALL of life is ALL about worship.

Before we answer the question, “Why worship?” let’s answer the question, “What is worship?” Great definition can be found right in v. 1 of Ps. 115 – Worship is getting the glory off of us and putting it on G. Worship is making sure that G is being glorified in every area of our lives, both when we are at church and when we are in the world.

Charles Ryrie – “The worship of the church…consists of individual, corporate, public, and private service for the Lord which is generated by a reverence for and submission to Him who is totally worthy.”

Louie Giglio – “Worship is our response to what we value most.”

Cindy Doty, teaching 1st and 2nd graders at FBC, B’haven – “Worship is thinking hard about G.” That goes right along w/ what the Puritans used to say, “Think greatly about the greatness of G.”

Worship IS the activity of the human life. It is what we do when we are at church, when we are at home, when we are at school, when we are at work, when we are w/ friends, when we are alone. The issue, though, is “not IF we will worship or HOW we will worship, but WHOM we will worship” (Ron Owens, Return to Worship, p. 4). As Louie Giglio says, “Should you for some reason choose not to give G what He desires, you’ll worship anyway – simply exchanging the Creator for something He has created” (The Air I Breathe, p. 9).

So why worship? 3 reasons:


A. People frequently ask the question, “What am I supposed to do w/ my life?” Usually related to career and job decisions. And when the question is in reference to career and job decisions, the answer to that is unique to each person – some decide to be a doctor, teacher, business person, mechanic, fulltime mom, etc.

B. But the answer to the question is the same for every person when related to life as a whole – “What am I supposed to do w/ my life?” You are supposed to worship. That’s what you and I were created to do. Worship is that thing we do every moment of every day.

a. Worship is about us saying, “This person, this thing, this experience, this WHATEVER, is what matters most to me…it’s the thing of highest value in my life.”

b. Every person in every town and city in every nation in the world is a worshipper – lost and saved – churchgoer and non-churchgoer – religious and non-religious – all proclaiming w/ every step of their lives what is most important to them.

C. How do you know where and what you worship? Simply follow the trail of your time, your affection, your energy, your money, and your allegiance. At the end of the trail, you will find a throne; and whatever, or whomever, is on that throne is what’s of highest value to you. On that throne is what you worship. (Louie Giglio, The Air I Breathe, p. 11)

a. The trail never lies.

b. We were created to worship. We will worship. We do worship. We will always worship.


A. If it’s true that we are all worshippers – and we are – then we need to make sure that whoever or whatever is on that throne at the end of the trail is worthy of our worship – our allegiance and our affection.

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