Summary: A sermon examining why we worship.

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Two young newlyweds were preparing to enjoy their first baked ham dinner in their new apartment. The new wife got the meat out, setting it on the cutting board. She then took a knife and chopped off both ends of the ham with a knife and tossed the two small ends in the garbage can.

"Wait a minute," said the bewildered husband. "Why did you do that? Why did you just cut off the ends of the ham and throw them away?" "I don’t know. My mother always did," answered the wife. "Maybe it helps bring out the flavor."

Unsatisfied with this answer, the husband called his mother-in-law. "Can you tell me why you cut the two ends off a ham before you cook it?" "Well," said the mother, "I’m not really sure why. That’s just the way my mother did her ham, and it was always delicious."

As soon as he hung up he called his wife’s grandmother. "Grandma, we have an important question for you. Can you tell us why you cut the ends off a ham before you cook it?" "Oh, my yes, dear," answered Grandma in her quiet, thin voice. "I cut the ends of the ham off so it would fit in my pan."

For the past few weeks we have been asking the question “why?” We want to be on guard that we do not just go through motions or act because of bad information. We want to know why we do certain things as a church. Today we wrap this series up by talking about worship. Why worship?

We know that worship can be a divisive issue. Actually, worship in and of itself is not divisive; our preferences are what is divisive. However, this morning I want us to go deeper and really search why we worship.

To begin this search we must first ask…


Most of the time worship is seen as something that happens on a Sunday morning, at a set time, with a group of other people. And while it is true that we gather here on Sunday mornings for a worship service, we have to ask if that is all worship is? Is worship simply a five-part exercise: singing, praying, giving, communion, and preaching? Is that it?

I have reached the conclusion that worship is more than an event. Worship is a lifestyle. Worship is a life given in obedience to God.

Most of us have had popcorn. Maybe it’s because I’m not a great cook, but one thing I can always be sure of is that when I make popcorn in the microwave some kernels don’t pop. I’ve always wondered why that is. These kernels receive the same heat in the same bag at the same time, but some kernels just don’t pop.

Some Christians read the same Bible passages, but some Christians don’t pop. They hear the same spiritual songs, but some Christians don’t pop. They hear the same sermons, but some Christian’s don’t pop. They are issued the same challenge to witness, but some Christians don’t pop. They know the same teaching to tithe, but some Christians don’t pop. They hear the same call to serve, but some Christians don’t pop.

I think the reason why Christians don’t pop is because there has been a misconception concerning worship. Worship is not simply an event that we go to. Worship is a lifestyle. Worship is a life given in obedience to God.

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