Summary: It certainly tickles our ears when we hear a prophecy or a word of knowledge; nevertheless, watch out! Check out/verify everything with His Word!

Wicked counselors!

Ezekiel 11:2 And He said to me: "Son of man, these are the men who devise iniquity and give wicked counsel in this city..”

Please Listen! We are living in the last days and hence let me quote certain warnings given to us in the Bible:

* 2 Timothy 3:3 “But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

It certainly tickles our ears when we hear a prophecy or a word of knowledge; nevertheless, watch out! Check out/verify everything with His Word! Today, we see every Tom, Dick and Harry prophesy! “Holy Spirit told me” or “God told me” flows out of every other mouth these days…………You don’t have to believe everything and anything! Beware!

In the above scripture, the prophet Ezekiel was brought in a vision, to the gate of the temple where these princes sat in council and they are here charged for giving wicked counsel to the people. Having the right spiritual mentor is very important! People who are saved from one bondage sadly end up into another, it is very important that you get into the right church and right fellowship. There are false prophets, teachers and other fake people hovering around, who hide their true identity but disguise as true servants of God. Recently I personally came across an incident where a girl was involved with a married man with two children. When they approached their pastor for help, he counseled the married man to make no further mistakes but to take care of both the women properly. Imagine! This is what you call as wicked counsel! Truth is drowned in the practicalities of life! Never hesitate to point out sins, explain the Bible scriptures and warn people to come out from sins.

Friend, this message should not give room for you to gossip about servants of God, this has come your way to be cautious against the evil people. Check it out, think about it, don’t be a stupid, gullible Christian; just because a person can sing well or preach well, do not be carried away. Don’t accept prophecy immediately, check it out. A person’s testimony is very important. Is she/he living a holy life? Check it out with the Word of God. If the prophecy does not match with the Word of God, never accept the prophecy. The person who prophesizes or gives a word of knowledge should be extremely careful; do not allow the flesh to operate. When the Bible warns you against anything, no body has the authority to go against the Word of God and prophecy contradicting the Word of God. The Bible is our source of Truth. But there are still people who reject sound Bible teachings/doctrines and seek for teachers/false prophets who would tell them what they want to hear. None can change such hypocrites! They would follow the imagination of their evil heart.

Rebuke, correction, spiritual instruction and disciplining is much better than a blizzard of praises!

Psalms 141:5 “Let the righteous strike me; It shall be a kindness. And let him rebuke me; It shall be as excellent oil; Let my head not refuse it.”

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