Summary: The church is in trouble The church is away from God


Today I would like to take just a few minutes of your time to talk about four gentlemen and the predicament that they were in and how it pertains to the church.

You see the predicament that these four men were in, is just like the predicament the church of today is in, maybe not as bad as the predicament of the church.

II Kings 7:3

If I was to name this message

I would have to name it


The four men that I am referring to were four lepers, just sitting in the entering of the gate, waiting to die.

They were not only dying from their disease but also from starvation, just as the church is dying from a disease and from starvation today.

Let me put it this way.

They sat there without knowing that a miracle was about to take place.

They sat there without knowing that God was still in control.

They sat there without knowing that if they would move, so would God.

The church of today is just sitting there.

They have forgotten that God is in control and not the denomination or the association that they belong to.

They are just sitting there, on their padded pews and waiting on a man to make a move.

They are just sitting, waiting, dying, and not knowing that a miracle could take place.

Just sitting.

Away from the cross.

Away from God.

Away from what Jesus did at Calvary.

Just Sitting

Just like the four leper men in the entering of the gate.

Starving, sitting, waiting

When all the time being surrounded by the enemy.

Sitting, waiting to see what the enemy would do next.

The church is just sitting waiting to see what the enemy will throw at them

Next time.

Sitting waiting to see what the church leaders will do or tell them what to do.

Sitting not knowing that God is waiting on them to move.

Then the four lepers came up with this idea.

If we sit here we die.

If we go in side the gate, we die.

But if we go to the enemy and they save us we live, but if they kill us, then we still die.

What do we have to lose?

Why sit here until we die?

In these very words, you can feel Faith.

How many Christians have given up?

How many have quit?

Faith demands action.

So these four lepers act.

They started walking toward the enemy’s camp.

And as they walked something happened, a miracle took place.

When they got to the enemy’s camp, there was no one there.

They had all fled, in fear for their lives.

You see as the four men walked, the Lord magnified their footsteps so that the enemy thought that a mighty army was coming upon them.

So in fear they fled.

In walked the four leper men and feasted off of what the enemy left behind.

A great miracle from God, unexpected.

But the church still waits; they are still sitting in the entering of the gate.

Some have forgotten what God has done for them.

They have forgotten, how God in came in the night and touched their sick babies.

How God has saved their lost children, from drugs, from prostitution, or what ever they are in.

They have forgotten how God showed up at an old fashion alter at their last straw, with nowhere else to turn.

They have gotten away from the cross.

The church of today is as lost as it can be.

But it is not to late.

Just start walking.

Walk toward Jesus and the cross.

Come back to the cross and the blood of Jesus.

It is because of Christ and him crucified.

It is about the saving blood of Christ that flowed at Calvary.

Start walking back

Star walking toward your miracle

Don’t just sit there and wait to die.

Move or die

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