Summary: How to win this generation to christ


A Sermon on reaching this generation for Christ. By Rev Wayne L. Doyle

Main Scripture: John 3:16-17

An Old Scottish farmer was once quoted as saying “If you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you always got”. His way of saying “If you want to change the future, you have to start with your daily routine”.

The movie “The Passion of the Christ” opened a lot of doors to talk to people who would otherwise turn you off. The problem I have observed over the years is that church people often use terms and stories that the unsaved person is not familiar with. Terms such as: justification, sanctification, sovereignty of God, Born again, etc., leaving the un-churched clueless as to what the real message is.

This sermon is the first in a series, and it deals with the age-old question that Christians hear often. “I don’t believe a loving God would send good people to burn in hell.”

I have developed a modern day analogy to make the message clear and it has proven effective in my own Ministry dealing with that question. And I want to share it with you today.

The story of Two Hotels

When you check in at the Holiday Inn you will notice that they have rules posted on the door of every guest room in the Hotel. If you violate those rules you will be asked to leave.

How many parents have said to teens, “As long as you are under my roof, you will follow my rules!!!”

Why do children get a spanking? Because they violated the rules of the house.

So why then, is it so difficult to understand that God has rules (The Ten Commandments)? (Ex. 20)

In the Spiritual realm there are two very different hotels: God’s Hotel and the World’s Hotel. At the World’s Hotel there are no rules. You can lie, cheat, and steal; the worse you are the more popular you are. At God’s Hotel there are rules you must follow. You must attempt to be pure, clean, and holy.

Let’s look at the guest list of these two hotels.

God’s Hotel:

Many people check in at God’s Hotel and they stay for a while. Then something happens in their life and they blame God. They become hurt and angry so they check out and go down the road to the World’s Hotel, where they become bitter and become very unhappy. Some may choose to stay there for life and never return to God’s Hotel. Others will want to come back to God’s Hotel after a time. They are always accepted back. Let the wicked forsake his ways, the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return to the lord who will abundantly pardon. (Is. 55:7)

Some people never come to God’s Hotel, they spend their entire life at the World’s Hotel, and they want nothing to do with God, or his son Jesus. (I Co. 1:18)

Some people start out at the World’s Hotel but then someone shares with them how great God’s Hotel is and they check in at God’s Hotel and they remain there for life. (2 Co. 5:17, Ps. 34:8)

Some may initially check in at God’s Hotel but then never return to claim the room. Having never paid for the room, the reservation is canceled. (Luke 8:7, 14)

Some like to go sit in the Lobby of God’s Hotel so they will be seen, but when night falls they sneak out and go back to their room at the World’s hotel. (Hypocrite be advised; God’s VCR is on record)

The World’s Hotel

There are many good people in this Hotel, they are kind to their neighbors, they visit the sick, they donate to charities, but they never have anything to do with God. They ignore his nvitations to come and check out God’s Hotel. (John 3:3)

There are also, many evil people in this Hotel who live their entire lives hurting people; stealing, lying, and sleeping with people other than their spouse. These people never have a desire to know about God’s Hotel, even though they may pass by every day. They too ignore invitations to come and check out God’s Hotel. (Rev. 21:8, I Co. 6:9-10)

There are many intellectuals at this Hotel. They want to debate, dissect, and discuss God’s plan and they tend to tell God what he can and cannot do. (A word about these folks in my next sermon.) They ignore invitations to come and check out God’s Hotel because they have put God in their little box and they feel they are smarter than God. “The Fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” (Ps. 14:1, Ps. 53:1)

Now the guest in these two hotels reaches the point in their lives when it is time for them to die. As they check in at graveside (Heb. 9:27) they will find that after death there are no choices on which hotel you will spend eternity in. they have made their choice and they alone are responsible for that choice. (John 3:16-17, Luke 16:19-31)

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Ron Hess

commented on Oct 18, 2006

simplistic and effective

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