Summary: We live in very interesting times. This week we've seen some interesting events take place . . .

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Will Israel Soon Strike Iran’s Nuclear Sites?

(Based upon Bill Salus’ article of a similar title in Prophesy in the News, January 2015)

January 25, 2015 CFBC Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker


1 We live in very interesting times.

a This week we’ve seen some interesting events take place . . .

aa (Image needed) Earlier this week, House Speaker John Boehner & Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell invited PM Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress concerning the continuation of sanctions (and new ones) against Iran if talks break down concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

bb (Image needed) On Thursday, the White House said President Barack Obama would not meet the PM when he comes to the U.S. in March, explanation was that Netanyahu’s visit fell too close the Israeli election and the Obama administration wanted to avoid the appearance of taking sides (AP)

cc (Image needed) Yemen’s government fell to Iranian backed rebels, whose slogan is “God is great. Death to America. Death to Israel.” -Yemen is where we launch our drones from to fight Al Quada in the Arabian Peninsula.

b Iran is bankrolling, arming ISIS, Al Quida in Syria, Lebenon, Yemen, and all over the Arabian Peninsula. (Image needed)

aa Week before last, an Israeli helicpotor attacked a convoy on the Syrian side of the armistice line of 1973.

bb Those killed were not Syrian, however, but five Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon and several Iranian officials, including a brigadier general.


c The King of Saudi Arabia died this week (So what?)

(Image needed)

aa Saudi Arabia, like Israel, is opposed to Iran getting nuclear weapons for fear of Iran attacking them.

bb One of the reasons oil has dropped in price is because Saudi has increased production, to lower the price in an attempt to hurt Iran’s oil industry.

cc According to Wikileaks, Saudi Arabia has begged the US to strike Iran’s nuclear sites . . . we have refused.

2 These are the facts, but the burning question is: Will Israel make good on its threats to attack Iran’s vast, complex, concealed, well protected nuclear program?

a Historically, Israel has a history of putting the smack down on it’s enemies nuclear sites.

aa (Image needed) June 1981, the Israeli Air Force bombed Iraq’s nuclear program by striking the Osirak reactor of ancient Babylon.

bb (Image needed)Minutes before midnight on September 26, 2007, four Israeli F-15s and four F-16s skirted the Turkish-Syrian border (to avoid radar detection) and attacked the Al-Kibar Syrian nuclear facility.

b The answer to the burning questions is, if necessary, YES!

aa Israel takes seriously the threats of Iran’s Supreme Leader (The Ayatollah Khamenei) to destroy the Jewish people and the Land.

bb (Image needed)

Recently, the Ayatollah tweeted, “This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of #Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated.”

Talk about it...

Gary Byrd

commented on Feb 20, 2015

This is good ... a lot of good information however it is hard to read ... the formatting makes it difficult to follow.

Mike Fogerson

commented on Feb 25, 2015

Gary, I use WordPerfect and I'm afraid what you see is what you get For your ease of reading I would recommend the copy/paste feature into Word or WordPerfect. The points and sub points are obvious and with a little spacing work, you will have the essentially the outline I went to the pulpit with. Thanks for viewing this message.

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