Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: exhort men to come to Christ today

“Will Ye Also Go Away"

John 6:60-67

“Will Ye Also Go Away"

It is important to remember that the Greek word translated disciple means a pupil or a learner. It was often applied to the followers of Christ because they were taught by him. It does not imply, of necessity, that those to whom it was given were real Christians, but simply that they were under his teaching, and were professed learners in his school.

The ancient philosophers delivered their lectures while they walked, around a garden or some suitable enclosure. Their students followed, listened, and learned. Similarly, the pupils of Christ, followed him, some to partake of the loaves and fishes, others to listen to His words. Not all of these were Christians as we now understand the term; they were not all devoted to Christ and His cause. Some of them were to leaving because His teachings were making demands they were not prepared to grant.

Jesus has already sifted the outer circle of his disciples. In verse 67 He proceeds to sift the innermost circle. By giving them an opportunity to depart He called forth from them an expression of loyalty which would bind them more closely to him.

“WILL YE ALSO GO AWAY?” - To go away from Christ is the greatest of follies.

A. It is a folly PERSONALLY

To go away from Christ is a personal folly. There is no one else. “To whom shall we go?” There is none else. Without you I am a lost sinner. Without you, I am filthy sinner. Without you I am a condemned sinner.

The truth is no one else if they knew us would claim us, cleanse us, or comfort us. To leave Jesus is to lose everything. There is no one else to go to.

“Thou hast the words of eternal life” To turn away from Christ to the dead founder of a pagan philosopher or religion is to exchange light for darkness, hope for despair, and heaven for hell. There is no one else to whom we can go.

Acts 4:12

Jesus is the only way to heaven and the only Hope of humanity!

To forsake Him is tragedy personally.

B. It is a folly PRACTICALLY

To go away from Jesus is practical folly. Just consider what Jesus is doing for me practically. In weakness, He is my strength. In sorrow, He is my comfort. In darkness, He is my light. In need, He is my present help. Without Him, I am nothing.


To go away from Jesus is prospective folly.

I have only to think of what my future would be without Him to the folly in going away from Him. I have no hope without Him. I have no happy to tomorrows without Him.

Well, why do some go away?

I. Some go away because of WORRY

They are troubled, anxious, and uneasy.

A. Some worry about what others may think (John 12:42).

Proverbs 29:35

If you were 30,000 feet in the sky and I offered you a parachute, would you jump? Well, suppose that you are 30,000 feet in the air and the plane is on fire and I offered you a parachute, would you jump? Appropriate motivation will change our decision. People must understand that to refuse Jesus as Saviour, puts them in danger of eternal damnation.

B. Others worry about what Christ would expect from them.

C. Still others worry about the unknown.

II. Some go away because of the WORLD

Luke 18:23, 24

Some people fear that they would lose by trusting Jesus. However, remember the words of I John 2:17 and Mark 8:36.

A man led a family to the Lord with the exception of one young girl. After seeing her refusal he stated, “You have a boyfriend, and you think if you trusted Jesus Christ your life would change and you might lose your boyfriend.” She answered, “Yes.”

The man then stated, “Would you introduce me to the guy who is worth going to Hell for.”

I John 2:15

A. Some go to hell because of the desire to DO (shameful appetites)

B. Some go to hell because of the desire to HAVE (showy appearance)

C. Some go to hell because of the desire to BE (shallow applause)

III. Some go away because of their WAY

Isaiah 53:6

We don’t go to Hell because we go the devil’s way, a man goes to hell because he goes his own way.

John 14:6

IV. Some go away because of the WONDER

Luke 1:34

To some the Gospel is beyond comprehension. It cannot be logically explained. It makes no sense. It is too good to be believed.

A. It regards an unbelievable person

B. It requires an unbelievable price

C. It realizes an unbelievable purpose

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