Summary: When that trumpet blasts, will you be ready?

Time To Go!!!!!!

Job 19:25 puts it very clear. Job says, “I know that my redeemer lives! And that in the end, he will stand upon the earth!”

Pretty good insight for a man that was saying this 4000 years ago. 2000 years before Christ was even born!

I want to tell you all a story, about a man, his wife and his children.

He had a very loving family. They were all so close. His 3 children were a true blessing to this man. In all that he did, he loved them with all the love a father could. He provided for them. He had a beautiful home that they lived in. They were receiving the best education that money could buy! The best opportunity was sure to be theirs!

This man was a very successful man. He had worked hard for his chance at his own business, and it paid off! He started an Import/Export business in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. His connections from his past proved very useful! All that he did somehow transformed into a very lucrative estate. The Lord had blessed his family with much!

This man had married the woman of his dreams too! She was the very eye of his passion. He took care of her in all that he could. He treated her with love and honor. She was his reason for life. All he did, he did so for her and their 3 children.

He was a very large giver to the Church and to other worthy causes. He taught his kids that you should always put back into society what you take out!

He was a very caring and understanding employer as well. He treated his employees fairly and justly. He paid them well for a job well done! There were many times when he gave too many chances to some. But he genuinely cared about his people.

This man was by all means a good man. He believed that what goes around comes around! So why not spread a little love and happiness around?!

We probably all know someone of this caliber. Someone who genuinely cares for all those around them.

Well one day, this man was at a local park enjoying his company barbecue with his family, friends and employees. This was their 15th

year in business! What a celebration this was to be! They had live entertainment. They had all the food being catered by the best in the area. They had an awards ceremony.

His family was having a great time. His employees and friends were having a great time! He was having a great time! His children were playing with the other kids. He was talking to his wife about their anniversary plans for next month. They were going to visit the Grand Cayman Islands. They were to spend 2 weeks all alone there and then another on a deserted island! Right when life seemed to be in a perfect splendor for this man, it happened. His world came unraveled within the blink of an eye!

There was music from above, very loud and beautiful music. Much louder than the band that had suddenly ceased playing. Then he looked up. He could see it through the clouds, making it’s way out to the open sky. It was beginning to take a shape. The shape of a man!

Wait, he knew this man! He had seen his face somewhere else?

But who could this be that was so important that he entered through the clouds? That the Angels would be his opening chorus?!

Then it hit him, as it did to millions of others. This was the Christ! The son Of God! He was keeping good on his word! Hew was coming back for those that had received him into their lives! His wife had told him so many times about this event! Then he turned to see her, but she was not there. She was just there though. He looked around and did not see her. In fact, he saw something that made his heart sink. He saw that over ½ of the people had vanished. They were gone. Just vanished. His children were no longer playing on the slides as they had been just a few short minutes ago. All the children were gone. It hit him. If only he would have listened to his loving wife. If only he would have heeded the call to Jesus when it came so many times in his life. It was too late. He was lost.

Some people would say that this man should not have been left behind. He was a good and just man. He was a loving man. He helped so many. But the scripture has told us for over 2000 years that good deeds will not save you.

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