Summary: John's response to seeing the empty tomb of Jesus was simple: he saw and beleived.

Will You Believe?

John 20:1-10 with focus on vs. 8

Introduction: tell the story- Mary Magdalene same as at crucifixion same that Jesus had cast out demons ran first, as soon as daylight after the Sabbath went to prepare the body. Found stone rolled away, went and told Peter and John. Their initial reactions

Read vs. 8

Look at response of Peter. Luke 24:12 Peter saw and wondered.

Question: Will you believe.

John uses word “believe” 107 times in his writings. It is “his “ word

What does it mean to believe

1. To accept as true

a. To accept what Jesus says about himself

i. He is God

ii. He is the only way

b. To accept what jesus says about man

i. We are all sinners

ii. We are lost without him like sheep without a shepherd

c. To accept as true what Jesus did

i. Lived a perfect and sinless life

ii. Died on the cross to suffer the punishment for our sin

iii. He rose from the grave and conquered sin and death

d. To accept as true what Jesus said we must do

i. Repent of our sins

ii. Confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe he was raised from the death

e. John had been confronted with who Jesus was for 3 years. He believes Jesus is who he says he is.

f. There must be more than just agreeing to truth

2. It also means to mold my life and live according to this truth

a. Example: rattlesnakes can bite and kill you- this is truth

i. So what do I do? I stay away from them

ii. If I doubted the truth, I would pet them like a dog

b. John didn’t just believe in Jesus but allowed his belief to change every aspect of his life

i. He spoke boldly in Acts

ii. He was a living testimony to who Jesus was the rest of his life

iii. He was willing to suffer for the truth he believed in- exiled to the isle of Patmos

iv. At this point, John did not have all the answers but he believed in the one who did!!

c. To believe in Jesus is to surrender to his claim upon your life as the Lord and ruler of it

3. How do you believe- the word is faith. Not just acknowledging God is who he says but putting your life completely dependent on him

a. Illustrate with chair

b. It is putting our life in his hands to be molded and obedient to him- silly putty

c. We must adjust our lives to the truth. He does not adjust to us

Jesus is who he said he was- the son of God

Jesus did what he said he would do- die on the cross for you

Jesus is victorious as he promised- the grave is empty

These are the facts, will you believe or will you go away skeptical today?

John 20: 30-31 “Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of His disciples that are not written in this book. But these are written so that you may believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and by believing you may have life in his name”

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