Summary: In a world of uncertainty and Peril on every side what will keep our life from falling apart? Jesus is our Rock, our foundation.

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Will you stand in times of Testing?

Matthew 7:24-27

In a world of uncertainty and Peril on every side how will we know if we will stand?

“Therefore”, Jesus was wrapping up His sermon on the mount 3 Chapters are dedicated to the best sermon ever preached.

He wanted his hearers to be doers of the word and not hearers only.

Now Jesus is talking about His sermon and says that if a person does what He just said he will liken him to a wise man. James 3:13-17

Four things I want us to look at in this parable…

1. The Rock – Jesus

2. The House – man

3. The Storm – life trials and testings

4. The Sand – Mans philosophy; the worlds teachings

I. Two houses both look the same at first glance cannot tell the difference. Until the storms come! So what was the difference?

ILLUSTATION; Tornado through Stroud, OK in May of 98.

A. You see the foundations are not visible. Both houses look very good. Did the one mans house fall because of faulty work NO he could have used the best materials and if the foundation is no good his house will not stand for long.

B. All of us here may look good to each other. But the difference inside can be completely different. I life also must be build on Jesus Christ the Word of God. If we try and build our life with going to church, Being good, living right. Our Spiritual foundations are not visible to one another 1 Corinthians 3:9

How about your life what is your foundation built upon?

Is it built upon sand, mans philosophy, your friends advice, the teachings of this world? Or is it bult on the Rock?

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