Summary: God needs His people to be willing to work for Him.


INTRO: Nehemiah was the cupbearer of Artaxerxes, king of Persia. * One of his close kinsman arrived from Judea, and Nehemiah was informed of the pitiful condition of Jerusalem and residents of Judea. * Upon learning of their condition, Nehemiah was much grieved,

* And at once conceived the idea of going to Jerusalem and rebuilding the walls of the city.

* This was a great task which required much hard work, but Nehemiah was willing to work,

* And he found others that were willing to work with him!

* By a united effort and a will to work, the job was finished.


* Luke 14:28-30 "For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and ..."

* The job was bigger than he could do by himself. * It was necessary for him to find others

who would help him.

* Individuals often conceive ideas of great works that they can’t do alone.

* Then they have the responsibility of getting others interested.

* A church group of willing workers can usually put over most any project they are willing

to undertake.

A) Nehemiah saw the necessity of the job to be done! - 1:2-3!

* His beloved city walls were destroyed and his people were suffering afflictions & reproach.

* There was a job to be done and Nehemiah felt like he was the man for the task.

* He saw the necessity & he felt the responsibility, and that will get the job done!

* Pr. 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

B) He took God into the task with him! * Neh. did not underestimate the job, neither did he do

the great task before prayer. * God’s people too often see the necessity of things to be done,

* and undertake them without taking God into the task with them.

* We must work with God in all our Christian endeavors! * Listen to what the Bible says:

* 1 Cor. 3:9 "For we are laborers together with God ..."

* Paul recognized the importance of working with God! * We too often work independently

of God and try to accomplish the task within ourselves.

* God is a jealous God and will not work with those who ignore Him!

* To work with Him, we have to work His way, not ours!

* God should be taken in every task as a partner! * Don’t do anything without Him!

(2) THE DIFFICULTIES OF THE UNDERTAKING * Nehemiah was a great man!

* Wise, godly and very influential, but he met opposition in his righteous endeavors.

* Something my wife told me about bars, stores and churches.

* Anyone who goes all out for God will meet many difficulties!

A) Nehemiah met the monster of fear - 2:1-2 * The very first enemy he met was fear!

* "I was sore afraid." * He was afraid of the king. * Nehemiah was about to cross the

bridge before he came to it.

* When the king understood Nehemiah’s problem, he encouraged him and helped him to

rebuild the walls! * Did you know that most of the things we fear never happen?

* Fear has defeated people more than any other monster!

* Let us rise, forget ourselves, think of others and become willing workers at the task assigned

to our hands!

B) Nehemiah had enemies - 2:10 * There are always some who oppose the Lord’s work!

* Sanballet, who apparently held some command in Samaria, bitterly opposed the man of God.

* Nehemiah didn’t become discouraged to the point of quitting! * He fought on until the walls

were completely finished!

* There are always some discouraging features in every good work!

* The devil always opposes God’s people and every good work, heaping upon them dis-

couragements, extra burdens and hardships possible!

* The devil is out to stop us! * Don’t let him! 1 Pt. 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilant, because ..."


* The children of Israel were poor slaves, they had no money!

* Nehemiah went to God in prayer and the Lord touched the man’s heart who had the money

and everything else it took to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem!

* If the people of God can move Him in prayer, He’ll always make a way for them!

A) They put their hope & dependence in God, (2:20). * When people have nothing else to

depend on, they usually turn to God!

* This is exactly what the children of Israel did, and He helped them in time of need!

* He’ll help anyone & everyone who relies upon Him!

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