Summary: Paul says if all you ever pray about is what you need but you never stop and thank God for what you have you’ll always be anxious

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

November 2, 2014

The Winds and Waves of life

***All Sermons are in condensed form****

Read…Phil. 4/Paul showing us how to be brave.

• Share a story/Bible/series being brave…..

• Learn best thru stories/Experiential learner

• Excited/potential for your life over next weeks

Thought you weren’t a courageous person but just didn’t know how/access/courage God planted inside of you.

• 2 Tim 1:7….

If you are a child of God it’s not right for you to feel intimidated by every bad report you hear………………

• Phil anxious for nothing/how you doing with that?

One/reasons were so anxious about what’s coming because were not thankful enough for what we already have.

• But in everything………

Paul says if all you ever pray about is what you need but you never stop and thank God for what you have you’ll always be anxious

• With thanksgiving….peace of God…….that’s what I want!....

• A peace the economy can’t take away……

• How many of you want v. 7 first have to have v. 6

• Be anxious for nothing. Tell someone.


All of God’s children have some irrational anxiety Paul says.

• He wants/correct that in Phil. 4

• He says/some things you’re afraid/make no sense from heaven’s perspective

• Things causing you to shut down/paralyzing you

• senseless when you put it/context who God is in you

• He says I want you/train your heart/be anxious for nothing.

Come on get real Paul/preacher talk/watch CNN/world news…

• Paul says I’m prison bro/writing/after they beat/flogged me

• If your following after God’s purpose/got no reason anxious

• Anxious for nothing…..repeat.


Greek word….anxious…Merimnate 17 times…..marinate…

• If/marinate/wrong thoughts/going/filled with fear…

• Merim(knot)te you get so knotted up with anxiety….

• Paul says do not be Merimate for anything….

• Don’t get tied up in knots about stuff.

But your saying, don’t we need to worry about some things concerned about some things. Yes, be concerned, no don’t worry

• That’s what Paul is saying/same word Merimate

• uses Phil. 2 Philippians letter to particular church

• Phil. 2 sent/ministry assoc. Timothy check/church/he can’t

• He describes timothy Phil 2:20…Genuine concern/Merimnate

Situations you deal with determines whether or not it is a genuine concern or a needless anxiety. Come on church

• Learn/discern/between a genuine concern/needless anxiety

• sometimes you can interpret/same event/both of those ways

• turn/genuine concern into/needless anxiety/way you approach it/Cause it’s the same word


Sometimes you go thru a situation:

• deal with and handle it with strength/brave about it that’s/genuine concern

• All tied up in knots about something you can’t do much about anyway that’s a needless anxiety

• Here’s how you can do it… anxious for NOTHING…

• ain’t nothing but a thing…broken car.


Be concerned about the state of your soul/your children’s soul/ God’s work in the world.

• Learn to look/things in your life….nothing but a thing

• Look what Paul says in Rom. 8:31…….things…..

• say it out loud…things

• If God is for us who… me courage sometimes.

• When I feel opposed….God is on my side…

• If He’s not I’m in trouble.

Doesn’t matter what their saying about me it’s a matter of what God sees in me

• If He’s for me, who is against me doesn’t matter

• take a number I’ll still be standing

• You can have that confidence. It’s not cocky, it’s confidence.

• Next verse 32…..all things….skip 37…things

• v. 38-39….bankruptcy, joblessness, homelessness, addiction


Be anxious for nothing……Do that this week….

• Shift over from needless anxiety to genuine concern.

• Another way to look at it……I’m anxious for nothing….

• That’s a good goal to have.

• But isn’t it also a statement of reality.

• How many times have we’ve been anxious for nothing.

• Don’t you wish we could have all those moments back…..

• Of worrying about something that never happened?

Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have.


How many times have you said, “All that was for nothing”

• When I Go away……

• So one day Jesus wants to go on a trip. Mark 4:35-36

• …..other side…Jesus been preaching all day

• Parable sower/soils…mustard seed….

• Jesus preached all day tired tells Peter let’s get out of here.

In the boat, other boats, don’t hear about them, but Mark is giving us an eyewitness account

Mark/way he wrote his gospel writes down what Peter says/why Mark’s gospel reads a little faster

• peter gets right to the point all about action

• eyewitness account/disciples being anxious for nothing.

v. 37….notorious for storms….You ever felt nearly swamped?

• I’m still showing up but barely.

• I’m making it and smiling/nobody knows what’s behind smile

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