Summary: In times of great trials we can trust the Lord.

On the Wings of a Dove

Psalm 55

Reading: Psalm 55:1-6

In this Psalm we see David in a great trial.

A good friend had betrayed him.

We don’t know exactly who this friend is…Saul? Absalom?

Some say it is a prophecy of Judas Iscariot when he betrayed Christ.

I. His distress Vs. 1-5

A.Listen to me Lord!

B.In a state of mourning. Vs. 2

C.Something has to give…make a noise…urgency. Vs. 2

D.Causes of this distress

1.Heartache vs 4

2. Fear. Vs 4-5

3.Overwhelmed. Vs 5

II. His desire Vs. 6-9

A.For Himself

1.Fly…Somehow; just get me out of here. Vs 6

2. Flee…to a place of rest and solitude…wilderness

Someplace out of the storm. Vs 8

B.For His enemies.

1.Destruction. Vs. 9

2.Death. Vs 15

3.Eternal Doom. Hell!

III. His Dilemma. Vs. 12-14

A.It was not an enemy causing his distress.

B.It was someone who had once been close to him.

Vs 13

1.His equal,

2.His guide

3.His familiar friend…close

C.Someone he had shared experiences with.

1.Took sweet counsel together…had those kind

of talks that only come between the closest

of friends.

2.They had enjoyed the house of God together.

D.NOW…(things had changed.)

1.He was hated by them…vs 2

2.They where oppressing him…putting pressure on


3.Now there was gossip involved. Vs. 10

4.There was deceit and dishonesty. Vs 11, 21

5.There was no fear of God. Vs. 19

6.No known reason why….

IV. His Decision. What do you do?

A.Three times he said…”I will”

1.I will call…(cry aloud vs 17) vs 16

2.I will pray…. (continuously) vs 17

3.I will trust…vs 23

B.Prayer…vs 16, vs 2

1.Personal…as for me

2. Practical…I will call

3.Persistent…evening, morning and noon.


a.I will trust in thee.

b.He was willing to let God deal with this


c.Let go…and let God

V. His deliverance.

A.God delivered him…vs 18

1.he was not alone.

2. Others were with him.

B.God heard his prayer. Vs 19

1.God saved him..Vs 16

2.God sustained him…vs 22

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for

he careth for you.

3.God secured him…vs 22


1.Call on the Lord…”I will call upon God”

2.Trust Him…”I will trust in thee”

3.Cast you burden upon him

a.He will sustain you

b.He will keep you securely in His love and grace.

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