Summary: Your victory is closest to you than before, because you are born to win. However, there is something too strong for the devil to break in you and that is what determines your victory in all areas of life. It is the God-kind of life in you, which begins with new birth.

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Study Text: 1 John 4: 4


- Your case is not closed until you decide to close it. No matter where you may be right now, or what your situation looks like, be assured that: You are born to win.

- Life is a battle fight, and everyone who must succeed, must put up a fight to get it. How violent you are able to fight, determines the degree of victory you derive from your battles.

- Understand that: There can never be a winner without a fight. It is only at the end of a battle that you can boldly declare a winner.

- It is sad to see many believers live and walk without a sense of war. We fight daily, and these battles are mostly spiritual. If the devil is fighting against your progress, then it is Scriptural to fight back. (2 Corinthians 2:14).

- The bad news is, you were born for a battle. But there’s good news. You were born to win the battle. The Bible says, “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”. Satan isn’t afraid of you. He is afraid of who is in you — God.

- You are ordained to triumph continuously in Christ. That situation you may be going through is a won battle if only you can trust God for your victory.

- You were not redeemed by God to be defeated by the devil, you are born an overcomer. Therefore, no situation is permitted to defeat you.

- So, you need not to be afraid of anything that may be confronting you. Rather, be assured of your everlasting victory in Christ.

- There is clearly no battle that is beyond you. If it was beyond you, God would not have allowed it to come your way. God knows your capacity as a winner, but you must believe in that winning Spirit that is in you.

- The challenge may look stern, the sea may be raging violently, the storm may be tempestuous, but in all these things, you are more than a conqueror through Christ who gives you victory.

- The only way you can win is to be on God's team, to be on God's side, to be a part of God's army because we are fighting, not for victory, we're fighting from victory. Victory is not a destination. Victory is the beginning point for the child of God.

- We shall discuss the topic under three subheadings:

1. Scriptural Examples of Winners

2. Steps Expected from Winners

3. Stumbling blocks Exposed to Winners

1. Scriptural Examples of Winners

- Take examples from Scriptures of those that have fought valiantly and won victorious, their battles.

- This should spur you that the team you are on is a winning team, so you are not permitted to lose.

i. Job was confronted with the fiercest battle of his life. Job 1: 14 - 22

- He lost everything he had and has ever worked for in one day. His children, property and everything were gone. However, he chose to trust God in his darkest hour.

- At the end of the battle, to proof his victory, God restore to him twice of what he lost.

That battle you are facing in your life is not as tough as Job’s, and even though you feel like your whole world is crumbling before you, it’s the right time to fight the hardest.

- Understand that the devil wants to use that challenge to separate you from God’s love, like he intended with Job. However, because you have made the right decision, like Job, not to be deterred, you will overcome like he did.

ii. David confronted Goliath, and he won. 1 Samuel 17: 45 – 51

- He was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that God will give him victory, and he confessed it.

- He faced opposition from his own brother, but did not give in to the discouragement.

- He was told words of discouragement from the king and the people, but he overcame by sharing his testimonies of the faithfulness of God in the past.

- He was threatened by Goliath’s appearance and boastful words, but he considered the greatness of his God rather than the greatness of the challenge.

- He witnessed the victory he believed and confessed, beyond the expectations of the people, and his God was glorified.

- Your Goliath may be a champion of many years, but your God has never lost a battle before. Believe and confess your victory in Him and through Him, and your Goliath will fall.

iii. Jabez overcame the battle of spiritual resistance and stagnancy. 1 Chron. 4: 9 – 10.

- He was faced with spiritual forces that prevented progress and breakthroughs in his life.

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