Summary: How do we conquer temptations in our life


I COR 10:13

I. Introduction

A. Why temptation troubles us all

1. All are targets of the tempter

2. All feel the lure of the world

3. All experience the appetites of the flesh

B. A Text to bring the Victory of the Tempted

II. Body

A. The Tempter we Face

1. We have an adversary (I Peter 5:8)

a. Satan is compared to a roaring lion.

b. He continually seeks victims.

2. Satan is the source of Temptation.

a. Temptation in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3)

b. Temptation of Jesus (Matt 4)

3. The Tempter is a deceiver (2 Cor 11:3)

4. The Tempter is a liar (Jn 8:44)

5. The Tempter is a thief (John 10:10)

6. We are equipped to win over this powerful enemy ( I Jn 4:4)

a. The Holy Spirit is within every believer.

b. The Holy Spirit is greater in power that our foe

B. The Lord Who is Faithful

1. God is faithful

2. God limits temptation to such as is common to man.

a. Satan is allowed no untried enticements

b. The World is allowed no unknown allurements

c. The flesh is allowed no unexperienced cravings

3. Others have been tempted as you are today

a. Some lost.

b. Some won.

c. You can win.

4. God limits temptation to what we can resisit

a. Temptation cannot be "above what you are able"

b. Don

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