Summary: How do we finish the battle?

We will finish today the story of David versus Goliath. We noted how to prepare for battle, having confidence in battle, and today we will note winning the battle!

Let us note that you can be well prepared and have all the confidence in the world to do something, but as in the case of David to an impossible task, it must be completed the right way or you may still be defeated! How did David do it? Open your Bibles to 1 Samuel 17…. Let us read v37-58…..

v37: for some “reason” King Saul allowed David to fight Goliath; whether Goliath’s words in v8-9 were binding or not, let us not forget that God is always involved in godly situations; of course it would not be a godly situation if God isn’t involved 

v38-39: David was confident in fighting Goliath but when an armor and a helmet was put on him, he became uncomfortable. King Saul tried to protect David with armor and helmet, but it didn’t “suit” him!

And so, what did David do for his equipment for battle? We note in v40: David readied himself with equipment familiar which he had practiced with and have already used effectively; his staff, his sling, and chosen stones. David readied himself with familiar and proven equipment for battle! Do we have proven and familiar equipment for our spiritual battles? What are we doing to get familiar and proven equipment for our spiritual battles? We’ll talk more about this in our applications.

What can we note from v41-43? Goliath mocked and cursed David!

But the key verse is v45, isn’t it? ….

And what was the result David was envisioning in v46-47??

David fought in the Name of the Lord and in the Power of the Lord to proclaim God to the world!

And we read in v48-50 how Goliath was killed. But let me ask this question; What actually killed Goliath??

A stone hit Goliath in the forehead but the power of God actually killed him!

And so we read in, v51-52: the Philistines were defeated!

Now, I really don’t know the answer to this question but I think worth discussing: in v53? Do you think it was right for the Israelites to plunder the Philistine camp??

What do you think of v54??

I think we need to note that no matter how godly Israel and David tried, they were still sinners in need of grace; and this is true for all people including you and me, no matter how godly we can try to be, we are all sinners and we need the grace of God through Jesus Christ! Eternally, you can only be on God’s side, not the devil’s, if you live your life with Jesus Christ as your only Savior and God! Today is the day to trust and believe in Jesus Christ if you have never done so!

v55-58: Saul was thinking of David’s family reward but also a sign of becoming forgetful!

Let us note the key Biblical principles for us.

1. To win any battle in life, we must be prepared, have confidence, and complete them for God’s glory! Again, we can be well prepared, have all the confidence in the world to do something, but if not finished for God’s glory, it is really meaningless! Christians must learn to be prepared, to have confidence, and ability to win the eventual spiritual battles.

What else can we learn from David which help us in winning battles?

2. To win battles, use familiar and proven equipment and techniques.

And how can we Christians have familiar and proven equipment and techniques?

a. Read God’s Word daily for godly techniques and apply them as often as you can!

b. Put on the Full Armor of God daily! Know and understand each piece and don them always!

3. Do not be surprised of the world mocking your faith! Always remember, the world did not only mock our Creator God Jesus Christ, they killed Him.

4. Always envision how God can be honored in your daily life!

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