Summary: The message highlights the invaluable attribute of Christ centered living as the greatest security in this dark and evil times.

The scriptures clearly reveal that the days preceding the second coming of Jesus will be fraught with maladies and anomalies unprecedented in history. With prophetic audacity, the bible declares that life in the end times will not be all fun and fan fair especially for those who believe in the name of Jesus and dream to make heaven at last. Although we live in modern times and are recipients of the intellectual wealth of all generations of mankind, yet we have the scriptural insight that following Christ in the end times will not be rosy at all. Satan has mobilized and deployed evil armies to attack humans from every conceivable angle and to make the way of eternal life so unattractive that only very few will have the courage to brave the odds and to stand for God alone in the times to come.

It is important to know that God has given us the ability to understanding what heaven is doing in the midst of men. God’s divine movements from heaven is clearly revealed and understood by the people on earth but not everybody has the capacity to understand such knowledge. Acts 1:7 tells us not to concern ourselves with the times and seasons which God has taken into his own power. But the times and seasons which God has apportioned to men must be understood and leveraged upon to meet kingdom demands and to fulfill divine expectations. For instance, In Daniel 9:2-3, Daniel understood by books that the divinely allotted time for Israel’s captivity was 70 years. He therefore placed a demand on God to release the Jews.

Jesus walked in such knowledge, when, in the book of John 7:6-8, he told his brothers that his time was not yet ready. God has time for everything. Unless you understand and walk in such knowledge you will miss most of the opportunities and blessings that God will arrange for you. You will be out of tune with God. This always leads to mediocrity in the life of the believer.

To know the times and seasons, you must know the Holy Spirit. You must know where he is and what he is doing otherwise you will be out of tune with reality.Ecc.9:11-12. Inability to understand or to read the signs of the times remains the greatest weakness of the end time church. The reason being that there exist today, a great disconnect between the Holy Spirit and the activities of the organized church: the Christendom. This we see clearly in 1Thessalonians 5:1-10 most of today’s Christendom has fallen asleep, dangerously oblivious of the movements and signs of heaven and of God’s agenda for the end time church.

The sons of Isaacher were men who had understanding of the times therefore they had a sense of direction and were in firm control of their circumstance and populace. Those who possess this knowledge will be strong and perform exploits in these dark and evil times. It is true that the days are critical, perilous and evil yet with the light that God has given through his spirit, we are empowered to overcome the hordes of darkness as we enter the final theater in the battle of the end.

Below are Seven Scriptural Mirrors

1. Times of Great spiritual hazards 2 Timothy 3:1-4.

2. Evil Days – Times of extravagant wickedness Matthew 24:12, Ephesians 5:16.

3. Days of great spiritual darkness and deception Matthew 24:21-22

4. Days of great spiritual conflict and war against the truth Rev. 12:17

5. Days of Great abominations Romans 1:22-28

6. Days of great delusion and the reign of lies 2Thessalonians 2:3-11

7. Days of sudden and total destruction. 1Thessalonians 5:1-4

What then Is that wisdom?

Christ centered living Key to end time dominion.

Christ in you Colossians 1:27-28.

Christ on you Rom. 13:14

Christ for you Rom. 8:31

Christ with you Matthew 28:20

Only those who know him will emerge victorious in the battles of these end times. This is the sole reason why the church exists today. Any other reason is diversionary. Knowing Jesus in a more personal and intimate way remains the only reason for being. The more we get to know him, the more we receive the grace to overcome all that satan will do against in the dark times that are coming upon humanity.

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