Summary: Forewarned is forearmed. Wisdom not only guides us in our choices, it helps us anticipate what we may expect to see.

Wisdom: What We Can Expect

(Proverbs 24:7-12)

1. A lot of times folks get very superstitious about finding God’s will. And, more often than not, they want God’s will to be their will, and somehow make it so.

2. By the time Bobby arrived, the football game had already started. "Why are you so late?" asked his friend.

"I couldn't decide between going to church and going to the football game. So I tossed a coin," said Bobby.

"But that shouldn't have taken too long." said the friend.

"Well, I had to toss it 35 times."

3. Sometimes we don’t want to accept the Biblical perspective about human nature and life as a human being within a society. We prefer an idealistic, Pollyanna view about people and life in general, and then, when we find otherwise, we wonder how our faith has misguided us. The problem is we never listened to what God’s Word says. Instead, we base our expectations upon what we think it say. Flip coin 35X.

Main Idea:. Forewarned is forearmed. Wisdom not only guides us in our choices, it helps us anticipate what we may expect to see.

I. Expect to See Know-It-Alls Put in Their PLACE (7)

Saying 21

• Many of us know well the movie, “Wizard of Oz.” The Great Oz talked a good talk, and pretended to be powerful and awesome. But, when his true self was revealed, he proved to be a good-hearted bumbling fake who had accidentally landed in Oz. Takes off w/out Dorotby.

• Cain was the first know-it-all.

A. They are passed over when it came time to choose JUDGES for the city.

B. They are out of place among the WISE.

C. They are silenced when surrounded by the truly WISE.

Application: You are forewarned; the world has many people who exude confidence and claim to be able to solve problems, but, when put in a position to do so, have nothing to say and no real-life actual solutions that work. Don’

II. Expect Some People To Misuse Wisdom’s SKILLS For Evil (8-9)

Sayings 22-23

A. PLANS and devises

The Unabomber really did have an extraordinary intellect and an IQ of 167. He was a child prodigy who was accepted by Harvard University at 16 and was an assistant professor in mathematics by the age of 25. He also ran a bombing campaign that killed three and injured more than 20.

B. ORGANIZED crime and the average criminal

C. Example: HAMAAN and Jezebel/Naboth’s Vineyard

Application: Intelligence and understanding are gifts from God; let’s not join the ranks of sinful men who misuse our abilities for sinful purposes. But let’s also be alert and aware of them.

III. Expect the Possibility That A Friend May Stand AFAR Off in Time of Need (10-12)

Sayings 24-25

The construction of this passage has led some of the top commentators to see these verses as a whole and as a progression.

• Like a military unit that is awesome during a parade, but is like F-Troop and incompetent on the field of battle.

• Maybe you need a friend to just listen, but they keep offering advice instead, or say, “I have enough problems of my own.”

• These verses are preparing us to be disappointed in our friends, to look at ourselves and be careful we are not this sort of friend, and to be forgiving and gracious to friends who do disappoint us; part of human nature.

A. He FALTERS when needed (10)

2 Thessalonians 3:13, “As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.”

1. Jesus’ disciples

2. Fell asleep at Gethsemane

3. Peter denied Christ

4. The apostle John was supportive.

5. Notice how Jesus forgave them and their relationship was restored!

B. He does not come to the RESCUE (11)

Custom among Jews, when man was to be executed, a crier went to public places proclaiming that if any man has "anything to offer to show the innocence of the accused, or any circumstances, or testimony, let him appear before the council.”

Psalm 82:3-4, “Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

C. He feigns IGNORANCE (12)

D. On one hand, God takes our IGNORANCE into account, on the other hand, He holds us accountable for our fake excuses.

Illustration: Using a razor blade to cut wallpaper; what if you only have double-edged blades and no holders? God’s omniscience is double-edged.

Application: We may expect too much of our friends and others, and too little of ourselves. All of us can expect to be disappointed and to disappoint, but we must be willing reconcile when possible.

Forewarned is forearmed. Wisdom not only guides us in our choices, it helps us anticipate what we may expect to see.

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