Summary: Wisdom is a great gift of the Lord to the Human beings. its very difficult to find it. Where to find it and how to go to the Place where its stored.

Job 28

Wonders of the human mind

Job talks about the various aspects of the Knowledge, discerning, understanding and shrewdness, Wisdom, intelligence of the Human beings.

Job starts with Silver, Gold, iron, brass, etc, are found in the search and limit of the human beings. Then he moves on to mining, and further to speedy rivers, he has found the knowledge to make the sand to stand as the highest towers by baking soil as bricks, making the Cement and steel. Man is able to find way to the stars, moon and to the deepest seas. Oh what a wonderful to know the mind and the power of the mind of men. Man has found all stones, marbles, granite and everything on the earth. He is able detect the sources of water and all things in life.

Job talks about the wonders of the architectural knowledge, engineering mind, chemical reactions, formulas of the physics which determines the distance between the earth and the stars and the beyond.

The ways to the Wisdom of God

Job chooses to remain faithful to God. He understands that God’s wisdom is beyond his understanding. It reveals that wisdom “is not found in the land of the living”(28:13) He says that no one knows the way to the wisdom, not even the air, the birds or any inference, its concealed(28:7,21). However there is a place where the wisdom is stored(28:12,20). The deep meditation cannot reveal the wisdom(28:14). It’s not found in the land of the living. Religions, self-sacrifices, sacrifices of anything on the earth cannot lead to that great wisdom. Human religions, social practices and all kinds of good works men are futile, empty and nothing, vain. Nothing can save men. If all these can save men, then why do we need to have Cross.

Despite our best attempts — or sometimes because of our lackluster efforts — we may not find God’s guidance for every action and decision. If so, it is better to recognize our ignorance than to put our stock in speculation or false wisdom.

Wisdom is found (28:28)

“God understands the way to it and he knows its place”(28:23). “Truly, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding” (28:28). If there is no fear of God, then there is no wisdom. There is a two-fold wisdom; one is hid in God, which is secret, not belongs to us; the other one is made known by him, and revealed to man.

Proverbs 8 had beautifully describes the way to the wisdom(Pr.8:13). Jesus is Wisdom. Jesus declared that “I am the way”. He said those who love me find me(8:17). Those who wait upon the doors of my house they are blessed(Pr.8:34-35). Listen to me I will teach you the way you should go(Ps.32:8). He is my wonderful counselor(Is.9:6 & Ps 16:7). He leads me according to his counsel and at the end he takes me to the heavenly abode(Ps. 73:24). He is great in Counsel(Jer. 32:19).

Jesus had the Wisdom upon him and he grew (Isa.11:2, Lk.2:40). Christ is the power and wisdom of God(Col 2:3, I Cor. 1:24, Dan 2:20).

Solomon had wisdom because God has given him(I Ki 4:31-34, 10:3- usually boys will go after girls but here one girl went after this boy, because of the wisdom of God).

Daniel had wisdom more than ten times of the men.(Dan. 1:20)

Stephen had great wisdom and knowledge(6:10)

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