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Summary: exposition on matt ch 2

Wise men still seek Jesus

Matthew ch 2


1. The testimony they shared - v. 2 "where is He that is born"

(a) Who came - wise men, (astrologers or king makers)

(b) Where came - Jerusalem v. 1 obvious place for a king

(c) Why came - v. 2 because of what they:-

1. sought "The king"

2. saw "His star",

3. said "To worship him."

(d) when came - at the right period, to the right place (eventually) for the right purpose (worship)

2. The trouble they encountered v. 3 -"when Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled,and all Jerusalem with him."

(a) They faced a very powerful foe v. 3 Herod the king

(b) They faced a very perplexed foe v. 3 troubled - why?

1. A rival king was born,

2. A righteous king was born,

3. The rightful king was born.

(c) They faced a very possessive foe v. 3 "all Jerusalem with him" Augustus said "it was better to be Herod’s sow than Herod’s son"he was intensely jealous & suspicous

(d) They faced a very perceptive foe v. 4 - "where Christ should be born."

1. The rigor of his inquiry "he demanded"

2. The response to his inquiry v. 5 it was - A Scriptural Response - "it is written" -

A specific response -the right place "Bethlehem of Judea", the right person - "governor" the right purpose - "to rule (shepherd) my people Israel"

A spiritual response - who Jesus was? Why he had come? what He would do?

-he would rule my people Israel -

3. The reason for his inquiry v. 13 was malicious "he sought to destroy Him"

it was measured v. 7 "inquired diligently,and was masked v. 8 "worship Him also"

(e) They faced a very proud foe v. 16"when he saw that he was mocked (misled) was exceeding wrath (furiously enraged)" Note:-

1. The source of their wisdom v. 12 "being warned of God"

2. The superiority of their wisdom v. 12 "departed another way"

3. The security of their wisdom - escaped Herod’s clutches.

(f)They faced a very pitiless foe v. 16 - "he slew all the children in Bethlehem" His hatred was :- real, restless, rigorous, ruthless and rentless. note v. 18 "Rachel weeping for her children because they are not"

(g) They faced a very persistent foe v. 20 Herod sought the child’s life unto death

3. The treasure they found v. 11 "they saw the young child"

(a) their reward - they saw His star, they saw His would-be slayer, they saw Himself.

(b) their respect v. 11 "they fell down and worshipped him." note:-

1.The occasion of their worship - seeing Him

2.The object of their worship - Christ alone

3.The outcome of their worship "they presented"

(c) Their response :-"gifts" - Gold -for his Deity, Frankincense -for his sinless humanity, Myrrh -for his humility & sufferings

(d) Their return v. 12 "another way "2 Cor 5v17 states "if any man be in Christ he is a new creature"

4. The task they fulfilled. Remember

(a) they sought Him, when others didn’t

(b) they found Him, when others couldn’t

(c) they received Him when others wouldn’t Have you?

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