Summary: In your life do you make wishes or do you place your hope in someone else? One leads to fairytales the other leads to Jesus Christ.

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Wish verse Hope!

Series: 4 letter words

Opening Video Illustration: - “Making a wish for an orphanage.”

The girl in the story shares how he she came down with cancer twice and the second time she got cancer “Make a Wish Foundation” asked her what she wanted in life – a wish – her wish was her hope – her God given dream to build an orphanage in Africa. Make a wish gave her $2,600 toward her dream and God brought in the rest of the money needed and it totaled $60,000. Her Hope in the Lord brought her vision into a reality.

Thesis: In your life do you make wishes or do you place your hope in someone else? One leads to fairytales the other leads to Jesus Christ.


Tonight I want to explore the four letter words Wish verse Hope and help us see the difference between these two terms tonight. One is rooted in fairytales and kids stories and the other is rooted and taken from the life, death and resurrection of a real life person.

One brings a flood light into the midst of darkness while the other is just a small flickering match in the midst of darkness.

One brings encouragement in the midst of discouragement while the other only brings a glimpse of encouragement.

One brings a positive view of problems, trials, and tribulations while the other only lifts our burden for a brief moment in time.

One brings peace in the midst of pain and suffering while the other only brings a mindset of looking for a fairytale ending from pain.

One brings us through the pain to healing while the other teaches us to live in story land.

T.S. - So let’s explore the difference between a wish and genuine authentic hope.

I. What does it mean to make a wish?

a. Webster’s Dictionary describes wish this way: transitive verb

i. 1 : to have a desire for (as something unattainable)

2 : to give expression to as a wish : BID

3 a : to give form to (a wish) b : to express a wish for c : to request in the form of a wish : ORDER d : to desire (a person or thing) to be as specified

4 : to confer (something unwanted) on someone :

b. From - A wish is a hope or desire for something. Fictionally, wishes can be used as plot devices. In folklore, opportunities for "making a wish" or for wishes to "come true" or "be granted" are themes that are sometimes used.

i. In fiction a wish is a supernatural demand placed on the recipient's unlimited request. When it is the center of a tale, the wish is usually a template for a morality tale, "be careful what you wish for"; it can also be a small part of a tale, in which case it is often used as a plot device.

ii. A template for fictional wishes could be The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, specifically the tale of Aladdin, although in the tale of Aladdin the actual wishes were only part of the tale. Also, Aladdin's demands, while outrageous, were mainly variations on wealth (which is still often taken as the most common request).

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