Summary: A brief survey of Andrew Murray’s prayer practices taken from his book ’With Christ in the School of Prayer’

"With Christ in the School of Prayer"

By: Andrew Murray

Introductory Truths:

*Prayer is the highest and holiest work to which man can rise

*Powers of the eternal world are at prayer’s disposal

*Prayer is the very essence of true religion

*Prayer is the channel of all blessings temporal and future

*Prayer is the secret of power and life

*Prayer gives us the right to take hold of God and His strength

*Prayer can only be done right when enabled by the Spirit of God

(10) Prayer Requirements

1. Prayer’s motive must be the glory of God

2. Prayer must be made in full surrender to God’s will as recorded

in His Word

3. Prayer must be made in full assurance of faith in accordance with

a promise from God’s Word

4. Prayer must be asked in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ

as taught in God’s Word

5. Prayer must be asked with perseverance that refuses to be denied

once it has been determined it is God’s will

6. Prayer must be begun with a deep confession of our inability

to bring God the worship that is pleasing to Him

7. Prayer must be made with an attitude of child-like teachableness

that waits on Him to instruct us

8. Prayer must be made with a simple faith that yields itself to

the moment by moment breathing of the Holy Spirit

9. Prayer must be made holding fast the simple truth of the Fatherhood

of God

10. Prayer must be made with faith in the infinite Father-love that

gives us His Son and His Spirit to make us children which

is the secret to praying in Spirit and Truth

(6) Powerful Prayer Facts

1. Intercession is the method by which the Kingdom is revealed on earth

2. Jesus did not teach how to preach but how to pray

3. Knowing how to speak to God is more than merely how to speak to man

4. Communion with God involves meditating, tarrying, and praying

in the Holy of Holies at the foot of His throne

5. We take part in Christ’s intercessory ministry when we plead with

God for men

6. Intercession is the key to praying without ceasing

(John 4:23, 24) 1st Recorded Words of the Lord Jesus Christ on Prayer

1. The Father seeks/is on the hunt for worshippers

2. Our worship satisfies Him and is a joy to His heart

3. Only in and through Christ can worship be in Spirit and Truth

4. There must be harmony between God and worshipper

(Full confession and forsaking of sin including sins of

commission and omission)

5. God is Spirit therefore the worshipper must also be communing

in the Spirit

6. Worship is not confined by time and place but must be the continual

action of our life

7. Only worship by the Spirit in us is acceptable (Abba, Father)

8. Spirit of Son-ship alone can worship the Father-He is in us

9. Truth=The Spirit of Christ-We are in Him

10. (3) Types of Worship: 1/ Ignorant (Samaritans)

2/ Intelligent (Jews)

3/ In Spirit and Truth (Those in Christ by

the Spirit of God)

(Matthew 6:6-8)

1. I must meet with my FATHER: (3) times [A sense of being in the

Holy of Holies within the veil]

*Withdrawn from all that is of the world and man

*Prepared to wait on God alone

*To the one who waits, meditating, and praying the Father reveals

Himself [The light of His love will arise upon you]

*The blessing of the closet does not depend on strong, fervent

feelings, but on the Father-love of God for His child

*He will reward you openly

2. My Father knows:

*Prayer is for His glory-He knows the need before we ask-He

wants to answer for our good and His glory

*My Father sees, hears and knows it will help our faith to take

the answer and say:

’We know we have the petitions we ask of Him’ (I John 5:15)

*To be alone with the Father must be your highest joy

*Christ reveals the Father in secret

*In the inner chamber is where God anoints with ’fresh oil’

(Matthew 6:9)

1. First time in Scripture God addressed as Father by saint

2. Knowledge of God’s Father-love=1st and last lesson in prayer

3. 1st: Thy Name, Thy Kingdom, Thy will

4. Grown-up son asks for the Father’s business, takes charge

and intercedes for His glory: #1 Aim in Prayer

5. Holy=Central word in O.T. Father=Central word in N.T.

6. Forgiveness=I know of no person who I do not heartily love

7. The Father is all to the child

8. The Father is all for the child

(Matthew 7:7, 8) ‘Ask and it shall be given’

1. (6) fold repetition

2. Second most important lesson next to Father-love=Everyone that

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