Summary: Without God life is not worth living, but with God we can make it.

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First Church of God in Harvey

Sunday Morning, January 11th, 2009


Let us pray.


This is the day which the Lord hath made we will rejoice and be glad in it. This Sunday

should be a day of rejoicing for what God has done, and is doing for us. No matter what

we have been going through, no matter how things might appears to be, we have been

blessed by God. We are here this morning only because of God’s goodness and God’s

mercy. Saints, it is alright to give God the praise that is due to him (let’s take the time to

praise the Lord.......)

Last Sunday we were blessed as Bro. Charles Johnson shared with us about a man called

Jacob who wrestled with God, he was blessed by God, and went away walking with a

limp. Sometimes being blessed by God might give us a new walk, and Jacob surely

recived a new walk from God, because he was now walking with a limp. Last Sunday

Bro. Johnson spoke about Jacob, and today we will be speaking about Jacob’s son Joseph

who completely trusted God, and how God worked things out for his good.

Please turn with me in your bibles from thw King James Version to Genesis 50 verses 15

through 21, and let us all stand and read together. Please tell someone if you are God’s

child he will work it out.

I want to thank...

There is a familiar saying we have been hearing over the past few months, which says,

yes we can, I believe it is now changed to yes we did. These sayings might sound good,

but are they really true? You see without God we can do nothing. In the news last week I

heard about a billionaire who took his life because he had lost a few billion dollars, even

though he still had billions remaining. You see, without God life is not worth living, but

with God life is worth living even if all we have is a few dollars in the bank.

Saints and friends, we have come a long way, and on Tuesday of this week, what we

thought was impossible will be made possible. What we thought could never happen in

our life time is about to take place. This Tuesday at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time, the

44th president of the United States will be sworn in, and for the first time in the history

of the United States the president will be an Afro-American or some might say bi-racial,

in the person of president elect Barack Obama. What had seen impossible about 40 years

ago is now made possible, for with God all things are possible. My topic for today is,

With God We Can.

When I was in High School many years ago, I saw my High School teacher took a short

run on the scoccer field, and then somersaulted. He made a 360 degree turn in the air. I

was amazed, and wonder, how could he have done that. To me that was impossible. I saw

it, but I could hardly believe it. If I told you I would try to run across the podium in my

robe, and then make a flip or make a somersault, how many of you would believe I

could do it? Let me see your hands......Some of you would say what’s wrong with pastor

today, talking about trying to somersault on the podium. You are right, I would not be

able to do it, but guess what, with God the impossible can be made possible, and with

God you can.

With that in mind, I want everyone to start dreaming, the way is now clear, that everyone

can strive to be the best they can for God. If you were born in the United States you can

now strive to be the president one day, and God can make your dreams come through,

because with God you can......elaborate...

Our president elect caused me to think about Joseph, who despite all the odds will be

taking the highest office in the land. Everything was going bad for Joseph, he was on a

downward path, but after a while things changed, and he started to move upwards. If you

have reached rock bottom, and you are looking for a change, the only way you can go

now, is to go upwards......elaborate...

As we study the life of Joseph, we find this young man was hated by his brothers and

despised because of his dreams. They were jealous because their father had given Joseph

a multi-colored coat, and so at the right time they plotted to kill him, but later had a

change of heart, and he was sold into slavery. It is hard to be hated by those who are

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