Summary: there are thing we need to consider if we want to see God move with us and through us


Every christian wants to experience God:s migthy moves in thier lives but not all are really experiencing his Power and soveriegn move. Let us all study what are some needed things to consider in order for us to see the migthy hands of God moving in our lives.


God is our refuge and defender he is our strong fortress; He is our strongwalled tower

There was an story of a woman who was sranded in a remote area because her car failed . She decide to walk about to find out if there are people around the vicinity who could help her. In that area bad elements roams around suddenly a npoise from the woods caught her attention and she saw a group of ganster rushing towards her , she felt shock ofwhat she saw anfd knew inher heart that she is in big trouble. She run as fast as she could in the woods to evade her pursuers , from the distant she still heard the shouting of those bad elements. she kept on running andrunning until she found a small cave , at the entrance of the cave a huge spider web covered the entire mouth of the cave, she broke inside and hid there. Fortunately the spider immediately reconstructed his web in a couple of minutes , then the group arrived at the cave one of them hinted , " she might be hinding inside the other one retorted You fool how could she enter in that cave don’t you noticed it is zealed by spider web ? she would have broken the web if she is inside is’nt it. The woman was saved from a sure trouble.

God is our refuge even a spider web is like a strong-walled tower to them who trust in Him.

But they who know and trusat him not Strong-walled tower is like a spider web.

1. God Moves with them who exercise Faith

it means taking God at his words

Hebrew 11:6 Says It is impossible to please God without faith, They that come to him must believe that God exist and he is the one who will reward them that earnestly seek him.

Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of faith is to see what we believe.

Faith is only valid as its object,

You could have TREMENDOUS FAITH in very thin ice and drown

You coul have VERY LITTLE FAITH in very thick ice and perfectly secure.

We oftentimes say thatwe really believe God but when trouble comes we falter.

2. God move with them who obey his plan and his leaders.

Dietrich Bonhoffer says "Only those who obey can believe and only those who believe can obey

Yes it is truly so hard to believe because it is so hard to obey

Joshua Obeyed the word of the Lord because He believed in his God so are the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua.

What kind of leaders we should follow and buy-in?

G od directed indivindual

F aithful in every little things

C ourageous to do the will of God

F ull of Holy Spirit and

filled with God’s word in thier hearts.

Do’nt ever follow a leader until you know whom he is following and

Do’nt ever ask questions where you are going if you know whom you are following.

3. God moves with them who do God’s will without questioning ) Joshua 6:10)


There was a rich man who wants to hire a ma who would work for him in his office his requirements are

1. an employee who always follow his command

2. an employee who knows his job

but the first requirement is always the basis for hiring a new employee.

this rich man would ask the potential worker

to tranfer the file of hollow blocks from one part of his bakyard to another and after tranfering the 20 hollowblocks it should be returned again from where it was, this task would be finished in two hours.

6 applicants compalin before finishing the two hours testing they all ask " what is this tranfering of your hollowblocks has something to do with the desire position we are applying in your company we cannot see any connection. but the last one finished his two hours testing and finally accepted and hired because of his obedience. the rich man way of knowing who are the true worker from the hirelings is in the basis of obedience without complaning. The rich man was looking for and office staaf not a construction worker.

See God look at our heart of obedience not our ability

God is not looking for great people:

But He is looking fr people who will realize the greatness of God.

4. Conclusion:

We should be all like Joshua and his man who witnessed the great move of God because they obey.

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