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Summary: Jesus is more than just a healer he is the restorer of the withered things in our life


Luke 6:6-12 (quickview) 

INTRO: 1.Three of the four gospels make mention of this miracle and all three use the same word to describe this man’s condition - “Withered Hand”. (Ugly word)

2. “Withered” describes:

a) That which once held life, but now the life is gone. (Like flower)

b) That which was once strong is now fragile and weak.

c) That which was once beautiful is now twisted and deformed.

3. Not only was this man’s hand withered - His right hand was withered.

a) That designed to be functional, effective - but rendered powerless.

b) That meant to be a blessing - but now it has become a burden. (handicap)

4.But he made the Greatest Discovery of his life - Jesus is in the business of restoring withered things.

a) This miracle makes Jesus more than just a healer, it makes him a restorer.

b) Restoring means to reverse the affects of years of damage. (Joel’s promise)

Joel 2:25 (quickview)  And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, ...

c) Restoring means to resurrect that which was too far gone.

d) Restoring means to make as good as it’s ever been. (Not just improve)

e) Restoring means to completly renew. (No 98% restoration)

“...his hand was restored whole as the other.”

5. Jesus has more than proved his place as the restorer.

a) Lazarus - reversed the process of decay, restored him not just alive, but well.

b)Gadarene Demoniac - not just cast out the legions, but clothed and restored to his right mind (as if they’d never been there)

c)Deaf with a speech impediment - not only oped his ears, but loosed his tongue and he spoke plainly without a therapist to teach him how.

6. There are many ways that this man’s hand could have been made to wither.

a) As a result of Battle Wound. (hurt)

b) As a result of atrophy. (lack of use)

c) As a result of disease. (beyond his control)

d) But Jesus never asked what had caused it, he just restored it.

7. Today, let’s rediscover the restorer in our lives – Jesus Christ.


a.Like this man’s hand, this synagogue was designed to be a blessing, but instead it had become a burden. (Nothing heavier than lifeless religion)

b. Designed to reveal Jehovah God, but it failed to recognize Him.

c.Designed to minister to the needs of the people – yet this man had sat for years with no help.

d. The condition of this congregation made Jesus angry

Mark 3:5 (quickview) And when he had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, he saith unto the man, Stretch forth thine hand. And he stretched it out: and his hand was restored whole as the other.


1.Too busy defending their place in the synagogue. (afraid Jesus might have more say than they do)

2. Too busy arguing trivial doctrinal points. (Ill. Asking the wrong questions)

3. Too busy accusing others. (spiritual private investigators)


1. They had stopped helping God and starting working against God.

2.When we loose touch with our life-source, history has proven that the church invariably works against God.

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