Summary: How we are witnessed to a Lord who "changes everything" (History, life, death, love)

Our Message is about Jesus:

We are witnesses to Him as King

Joel’s prophecy: explaining a most unusual open air praise service. Last Days are upon us, because the Spirit is poured on us. The Spirit is poured on us by the exalted Messiah/Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.

The prophecy sets the stage for a decision by reminding the people that the day of the Lord is at hand—which means fearful destruction for those not of the Lord, and salvation for those that are His.

Peter main point was that Jesus is the Messiah, and He is no ordinary one, but one who now sits at the right hand of God, the Father.

• Jesus and his earthly life and ministry were part of the foreknowledge of God (v.23),

• he was validated by signs, wonders, and miracles,

• he was killed at the hand of both Jew (you) and Gentile (lawless men=Romans)—but not apart from the plan of God, but

• one unique thing happened to him: His Resurrection: the grave could not hold him! God (2:17)

David had prophesied about this and now it came true:

The Apostles were witnesses to his resurrection

The Crowd was witness to his exaltation (received and poured out the Spirit of the Father)




Ascension—ushers in the new age


Peter was being a witness to WHOM He knew, and WHAT he knew about Him: Jesus, the Messiah who is Lord over all the earth, who can save or destroy.

People like to

King James (Lebron of the NBA)—We are Witnesses ad campaign

World Cup—Brings the World Together

First Sermon recorded after Jesus Ascension

I got to preach this on the steps of the temple mount

Read Acts 2:22-36

Big Idea: We are Witnesses of Jesus Because He Changes Everything

1. He Changes How We Look at History

I love history, but it is something that people today are suspicious of (see the flap that could create DaVinci code)

Revealed in History

Real Man/God

\ We stand on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets

Encompasses History

His foreknowledge exists before history and runs through the end of history

Over History

Ascended/Lord/in control of it

Working In History

Going Somewhere

Last Days

The Day of the Lord

History is not about history books and what people decide to include (what they thin is important)

History is not about us—it is about HIM.

He will affect what we do in history, how we approach our lives.

2. He Changes How We Live Life

Because he is Lord.

When do you “really live.”

• for me it used to be on my motorcycle or playing a tough game of soccer

• yours?

• some live for different reasons: Shaquille Oneill (NBA basketball player) says he is working hard to leave a legacy of championship winning in the NBA. (not said in a condemnatory fashion, just as illustration)

We are God’s, and because we are his, we need to give up the right to be in charge. He did! (jesus)


Brings Meaning (and the tools to do what we are to be doing: gifts, etc)

Brings Direction (where we need to be going)

Brings Power (Spirit literally changes us)

3. He Changes How We Face Death


We don’t need to fear it anymore, because there is Something coming after it:

and yet people will spend tens of thousands on expensive caskets. Why?

4. He Changes How We Love our Neighbor

Let All Israel Know!

For you, your children, and all who are far off!

Who is my neighbor?

Start where people are at. Lead them to Christ (Peter went to the Jews, and brought in the prophecy of the book of Joel, that they would have known to help them put into their context what was happening with the tongues.)

Some times we may have to offend them, though (Peter: you KILLED the CHRIST)

Be clear: there are things people need to know aobut the gospel that can’t be compromised, and yet

Back it up with love.

Leslie Newbingen said: “the greatest hermeneutic of the Gospel is a community that seeks to live by it.”

We ARE witness to a real historical event and person.


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