Summary: Instructions for witnessing to various unsaved people

Winning the Church Goer, Crisis Person and the Cult Member

I. Witnessing to and Winning the Church Goer/Religious, Rich Ruler of the Jews (John 3)

1. Responding to Religious People Seeking Answers (Catholics & Protestant Denominations)

2. Respond by boldly confronting with the Truth (Preach unto them Jesus) Jesus said: ’Ye must be born again...’

3. Regeneration/New Birth/Born from Above the Only way to become a child of God! (Necessity of the Divine Nature)

4. Reason for Necessity of New Birth (v.6) ’Flesh and Blood can not inherit the Kingdom of God’

5. Realize it is not Necessary to fully Understand the Holy Spirit’s working (v.8-12)

6. Recognize Necessity of Jesus’ Identity and Work on the Cross (v.9-15)

7. Remember ’THE LOVE’ is the Necessary Motive (v.16)

8. Remember the Possible Need for Multiple Visits (John 3, 7, 19-Progression of Nicodemus)

II. Witnessing and Winning w/Compassion to Person in Crisis from the Cross (Luke 23)

1. Thief Experienced Change/Conversion/Regeneration (v.39)

2. Thief Asked the Right Question (v.40)

3. Thief Recognized Confronted with Sin (v.41a)

4. Thief Recognized Character of Christ (v.41b)

5. Thief Knew Jesus as Lord (v.42a)

6. Thief Understood Kingdom/King (v.42b)

7. Thief Received Assurance from the King/Jesus (v.43)

III. Witnessing to and Winning the Confused Samaritan Cult Member (John 4)

1. Jesus Himself is the Gift of God (v.10)

2. Jesus is the Messiah/Son of God (v.10)

3. Jesus alone can give Eternal Life/salvation (v.10)

4. Jesus must be asked and He will give Eternal Life/Salvation (v.10)

5. Jesus alone can satisfy spiritual thirst/hunger (v.14)

6. Jesus alone can guarantee Eternal Life (v.14)

7. Jesus reveals sin/guilt by His Spirit (v.16-18)

8. Jesus shows the necessity for Bible Salvation (v.22)

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