Summary: Wives who fight unfairly to help their husbands win lose their hands.

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A 2011 woman will not allow another man to beat her husband down. Well, 2011 women are not the first women to jump in a fight when their husband is getting beat down. Woman in biblical days would also jump in a fight if their husband was getting beat down. If a woman's husband was getting beat down she would jump in the fight and grab the man who was beating her husband down secrets (private parts: genitals). Why did she grab his genitals? She grabs the man genitals because her father taught her the same thing our father taught us: "When you're in a fight with a man for your life, reach down low and grab his genitals and don't let go until he flees."

If a 2011 woman grabs a man's genitals to keep her husband from getting beat down, no one would cut off her hand. Someone might grab her hand to keep her from grabbing the genitals of the man who is beating her husband; but no one would cut off her hand.

But, that's exactly what happened in biblical days; a woman who grabs a man genitals hand is cut off. It was the law: "Cut off her hand without pity if she reaches for the genitals of the man who beats her husband down (Deuteronomy 25:11-12 TRS Version)."

Thank God, Jesus did away with the law; thank God for grace.

If it wasn't for grace there would be lots of women walking around with one hand. Thank God for saved husbands who only fight the devil, saying: "Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." Glory!!!!

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