Summary: As I look back over my life And I think things over I can truly say that I’ve been blessed I’ve got a testimony.

Won’t God do it!!!!

Yes, He will!!!


Bishop Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr.

SCRIPTURE: - Acts 12


Clay Evans wrote “I’ve Got a Testimony some of the words are “As I look back over my life And I think things over I can truly say that I’ve been blessed I’ve got a testimony. Sometimes I couldn’t see my way through But the Lord He brought me out Right now I’m free I’ve got the victory I’ve got a testimony”.

With this scripture and this song, I am going to talk on “Won’t God do it – Yes He will”

OPENING: - No let me first give this disclaimer if you will. I know the question “Won’t God do it may not be considered proper English, but when you feel it deep down on the inside you just have to say it like it feels regardless of if it is proper English or not; therefore, I have to say, “Won’t God do it – Yes He will”.

Family is so important and being close to family is a necessity. As you know my wife and I recently moved from Florida to Michigan. I received a job transfer to the Ann Arbor V.A., now being in Michigan allows us to be closer to family. My wife is from Michigan and all her family here is within 30 minutes with her mom being only about 15 minutes away, my family is in Ohio and I can be home in about 3 ½ hours, compared to Florida where it is 22 hours away at a minimum all I can say is won’t God do it – Yes, He will.

I must share this because it is the basis of this message. We had a house in Florida, and we thought it was going to be sold before we left well just a few days before we left the deal feel through and we left Florida without the house being sold but look at God. We left on Saturday March 27 and after driving so far and stopping to spend the night along the way we arrived in Michigan on Monday March 29. On Wednesday March 31, our realtor called and said she has an offer on our house in Florida, we accepted and on Friday April 2 our house was sold Won’t God do it – Yes, He will.

Another thing I just have to give God glory for. When we got here the house, we thought we were going to get wasn’t ready yet and when we asked how long before it would be ready we were told “I don’t know could be anytime or 2 – 3 weeks it depends”. My wife and I began to pray specifically saying Lord we need a place to live – staying with family is good but we need our own address. I had changed the address for the mail to go to my Mother-n-law because that was what we had but we need our own place. Look at God He gave us bigger house in a much nicer neighborhood and only 12 minutes from my job. WATCH THIS: - 12 in the Bible represents divine government – I believe God is letting me know that He is Divinely governing every aspect of my life. When I say won’t God do it – Yes, He will.

TEXT: - In our text today Acts 12 (Remember 12 represents Divine Government) we find Peter has been arrested. James the brother of John, the sons of Zebedee, whom Jesus called “Boanerges” meaning sons of Thunder had already been executed by Herod. Verse 3 says “And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he took Peter also…”

WATCH THIS: - because Herod and the Jews had religion and not relationship because it was the feast of unleaven bread he was not going to kill Peter until after Easter. Now Peter is a man that has a death sentence and is currently sitting on death row until after Easter. He is put in prison, chained to two Roman guards and 2 Roman guards at the door and is literally waiting to die. It appears Peter is in an impossible situation, but verse 5 says “…but prayer was made without ceasing by the church unto God for him”. When the church begins to pray things happen.

Verse 7 says an angel came to him while he was sleep and still chained to two guards, loosed his shackles and lead him out of the prison to the gate of the city which miraculously opened by itself. At first Peter thought it was a vision, but when he came to himself, he realized what God had done. I believe if we could ask Peter today Won’t God do it, he would say Yes, He will!!!

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