Summary: Sermon describing the name "Wonderful Counselor"

Wonderful Counselor

Christmas 2006 Series

December 3, 2006 AM

George Frederic Handel’s oratorio, “The Messiah” has been performed virtually thousands upon thousands of times since its initial performance. Handel, in composing this musical work was moved by its basic text, God’s Holy Word. Each tune is based upon Scripture. Isaiah 9:6 was the text used for the song “For Unto Us”. Within this song, the four names of the Son of God were prophesied. Over the next few weeks, we are going to study the names of Jesus as they were prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. We are going to notice their meaning and what they mean to us today.

This morning, we focus on the name, “Wonderful Counselor”

TEXT, (entire 9:6)

I. Wonderful

a. Audrey Meir wrote the song “His Name is Wonderful” in 1959, based upon this scripture.

b. Why is His Name Wonderful, what does wonderful mean?

i. Wonderful is derived from the verb paalaa’

1. Means to separate, distinguish, or to make great

2. In addition, the person it refers to is to be miraculous in his being and in his works.

3. We should exalt Jesus above everything

How has Jesus Christ been wonderful in your life?

• IF you’ve trusted Him as your Lord and Savior, He’s saved you

o The Ultimate Gift

• IF you’re truthful about it: The Messiah was wonderful in all things:

o It was by God’s wonderful love that He came

o The manner of His birth was wonderful

o His humility, self-denial, sorrows were wonderful

o His mighty works were wonderful

 Some excel in just one thing or two, but JC excelled in all things (Colossians 1:19)

o His dying agonies were wonderful

o His resurrection and ascension were all suited to excite admiration and wonder

All were drawn to Jesus due to His wonder:

• His Father’s eyes are fixed on Him, as the object of His good pleasure

o Matthew 3:17

• The eyes of the angels are drawn to Him, as a most wonderful sight

o 1 Peter 1:12

• The eyes of the saints are drawn after Him, as the object of their admiration and affection.

“Amazement, Awe, Excitement” – That’s what all who saw the Savior encountered.

Think of this – Spurgeon states it this way about “Wonderful”

1. Christ shall be called Wonderful FOR WHAT HE WAS IN THE PAST

2. Christ is Wonderful FOR WHAT HE IS IN THE PRESENT

3. Christ Shall be called Wonderful IN THE FUTURE as the Judge.

II. Counselor

a. Yow’eets, denotes one of honorable rank; one who is suited to stand near princes and kings as their advisor.

Jesus Christ serves as the following to you and I today:

• He is our King

o Ruler – All wise, All knowing, Ever present in our lives

o Nothing takes place without Him being there – He’s here now

o Through His ways and vast knowledge – He is able to

• He is our Leader, Guider

o Thus, He is our advisor

o When is the last time you went to Jesus for advice on any matter?

 If it’s been a while, you might just need to play a little catch up this morning.

• He counsels us through His Word

Think of this:

The Messiah, was known as a Miraculous person, set apart by God the Father to come to this world to provide for you and I an example to live our lives and as a counselor who provides advice on how to live.

You may be thinking now: “This is all great and wonderful, but how in the world can I use this – what is the importance of this to me”

I. Our worship

II. Our faithfulness

III. Our commitment

IV. Our lives

V. Our Salvation

VI. Our everything

Is the Messiah – your Wonderful Counselor?

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