Summary: Words of wisdom from the book of Proverbs. Living by the principles found in Proverbs will prevent a lot of trouble.

Words of Wisdom from Proverbs 6

Text: Proverbs 6:1-23

Solomon is giving words of wisdom to his son here in this passage. He gives practical advise and wise warning concerning several important areas in a young person’s life.

1. He warns against becoming surety for another person’s debts. Do not be quick to sign your name on some other person’s debt. This will quickly destroy your good credit if the other person fails to pay. Verses 2-5 would indicate that if you are involved in this kind of financial arrangement, get out of it as soon as possible!

2. He warns against laziness.

The picture he paints is that of the industrious ant laying up food for winter. A lazy man does not plan ahead or store up anything for later. The Wise Man warns us that poverty awaits those who are lazy.

3. He warns against sowing discord.

Sowing discord means stirring up trouble. Have you ever known someone who delights in stirring up trouble? You can tell by his gestures that he is insincere and full of trouble. The Bible warns in verse 15 that these kind of people are headed for sudden destruction.

4. He warns against seven specific sins.

a. Proud look

b. Lying tongue

c. Shedding innocent blood

d. Inventing wickedness

e. Feet quick to run into mischief

f. A false witness

g. A sower of discord

How to avoid these dangers: (verses 20-23)

1. Listen to Dad and Mom!

2. Keep the rules!

3. Make following God’s instructions a way of life!

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