Summary: God gave all good things for us to enjoy. However God gave boundaries for all the good things. Sex and sexaual intimacy were divinely desinged to be enjoyed within the confines of the covenant commitment of marriage. This commandments is clear be faith

Intro: If you were to talk to the normal person on the street about marital faithfulness they would probably laugh you off the sidewalk. Yet God shows us again and again that the roadway to a healthy marriage must be paved with sexual fidelity. It is amazing to me that God can take math and turn it upside down. It is only when God does it that 1+1 = 1. Genesis 2.24 clearly says the two shall be come one. It is for spiritual intimacy, physical intimacy, and emotional intimacy. Marriage was designed to be a gift from God. Marriage does not come from government it comes from God.

Why was Eve first created. God looked at poor old Adam and said oh me it is not good for Him to be alone. God first and foremost made eve as a suitable helper for Adam. It is clear to me that God designed marriage to be one man and one wife for life. What about all the kings in the Old Testament that had multiple wife’s? God does not condone something simply because the culture does. Even though it was the in thing to do to have many wives if you were a political leader like king Saul, and king David does not mean that God approved of the practice. You can see the terrible results in their lives because of marital infidelity. So this morning lets together look at what the Bible has to say about Sex. Adrian Roges said, “Love is blind but marriage is an eye opener.” God doesn’t want us to go into anything blind. He wants us to know exactly how he designed us sexually.

I. Sex Created

Sex was not discovered or developed by man it was designed by God. Genesis 1.27 In the image of God he created him male and female He created them. Devine design led to the sexes and sex. It is natural for a man to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife with the two becoming one flesh.

This command is a clear call to remain faithful, trustworthy, true to the marriage covenant. If you cannot trust your spouse with sexual purity what can you trust them with? Sex was created by God to build and strengthen the marital partnership, to provide marital pleasure, and for procreation.

A) Partnership

Genesis 2.18 “it is not good for man to be alone I will make him a comparable (NKJ), suitable (NASB ), that is just right for him (NLT).

Guys when God made marriage, he had someone suitable and just right in mind for us! God had in His mind a covenant commitment that was first a partnership. God looked through the ages and saw what a mess men would make. Part of this partnership is the physical intimacy that is reserved for those that have life time reservations for not others. This intimate partnership is meant to be the prime example of Gods relationship to His people. All throughout the Old Testament God speaks of the relationship to His people in terms of romance. Whenever Israel broke their vows of commitment God called them adulterers. So God takes seriously our faithfulness in the partnership of marriage.

B) Pleasure

God is not some high and mighty stick in the mud. He does not sit in heaven thinking of ways to keep us from happiness. God is not a Cosmic killjoy trying suck all the fun and pleasure out of life.

In the words of Adrian Rogers “when God says thou shalt not he is trying to keep us from harm. When He says thou shalt He is saying help yourself to happiness. God never tells us to abstain from marital intimacy. He tells us to stay away from fornication, (sex before marriage), adultery sex with someone outside your marriage, and homesexuality (unnatural sex).

Have you ever read the book Song of Solomon, Song of Songs in some translations.

Listen to SOS 4.10, 11

“How beautiful is your love, my sister, my bride! How much (Z)better is your love than wine,

And the fragrance of your oils Than all kinds of spices! 11"Your lips, my bride, drip honey”

1 Timothy 6.17 tells us that God gives us things to enjoy.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full. God wants us to enjoy our physical intimacy within the covenant of marriage.

C) Procreation

God said in Genesis 1.28 be fruitful and multiply.

Enjoy your sexual, spiritual, and emotional union and make others that can come to know me and my many blessings. We find new life in Jesus Christ when we confess Him as savior and follow Him as Lord. We too can be part of bringing new life into the world.

II. Sex Perverted

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