Summary: A look at Ephesiains 4:25-32

Words that help your family “Talk the Walk”

Ephesians 4:25-32

1) Words that are Good--verse 29a

Words that are Authentic-- verse 25

Words that are Tactiful--verse 15a

Words that deal with Conflict--verse 26

2) Words that Benefit-- verse 29c

Words that Build up--verse 29b

kind, compassionate,forgiving— verse 32

3) Words that are Appropiate--verse 29b

Words that meet Needs-- verse 29b

of your spouse

understand the differences—Gen 3:16-19

of your child

“the way he should go”—Prov. 22:6

As a pastor, I see this as a tremendous need amongst our people. We have to learn to communicate properly. This is one of my favorite sermons because it relevant straight from the Word. I’m sure you can use your own creativity and make this outline your own.

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