Summary: In a world that more and more turns from God, we must be more and more dedicated to the cause of Christ...but how can we survive the journey to heaven? What does it take for us to be survivors?

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A. Mt. Everest

a. May 29, 1953 – Mt. Everest was conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary

i. An amazing feat

ii. Made mankind collectively stand up and take notice

iii. It had been tried by so many before…and so many had died.

iv. It had been attempted by so many before…and nearly 100 years after Everest had been discovered by Sir George Everest, the summit was finally reached!

b. Since that time, hundreds have made the journey successfully to the summit of Everest.

i. But even with new high tech gear, about 1 in 4 die trying.

ii. So how do those that succeed survive? How did Edmund Hillary defy the odds and survive one of God’s most awesome and fearsome creations?

B. As God’s children…

a. How will we be survivors in this world?

i. It’s easy to survive flat lands and sunny days…but what about mountains and storms?

ii. Jesus said in the Garden in John 17:14 that the world will HATE his disciples because we are not of this world…we are different…we call heaven home…

iii. Paul told the Christians in Corinth in 2 Corinthians 4:8 – 10 – we are hard pressed, but not crushed; perplexed (troubled), but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed!

iv. Peter told those Christians who were scattered in 1 Peter 4:12 – 13 that they should not think the fiery trials they were going through strange but that they should REJOICE in the sufferings for Christ so his glory may be revealed and that we would be joyful!


c. Let’s go back to Sir Edmund Hillary and Mt. Everest…

i. In the 50 years since that first summit, Sir Hillary has given many interviews…

ii. As you listen to him or read what he says, you will see some key elements immerge that give us some clue – how they survived…

C. How they did it…and how we can do it!

a. Preparation

i. Ever heard the expression measure once cut twice…wait, is that it?

ii. When it comes to important journeys/tasks, we must first prepare ourselves…

1. Taking a test…you study.

2. Want to be a basketball player…you practice.

3. Running a marathon…you train.

4. You make sure you prepare your mind and body for the journey.

5. Warehouse Manager – running a marathon in slippers – wrong tools for the job.

6. You get the right equipment and learn from the proper resources to survive the journey, whatever it may be.

iii. Sir Hillary was a beekeeper by trade, but he loved to climb mountains so he spent his time conquering smaller peak.

1. Gradually moving up to where he had conquered 11 different peaks over 20,000 feet.

2. He didn’t get stung by a bee, decide he wanted to climb mountains and rush right out to Everest first…he prepared himself for the journey.

iv. As God’s people, if we are to survive in the world, we must prepare!

1. What does that mean…the right tool for the right job…

2. What’s the right tool…The Word of God!

a. And we can’t know a tool we have never spent time with or used.

b. We better study God’s Word – write it on our hearts – keep it in our hearts – Psalm 119:11 – Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.

c. How can we expect to fight off temptation and sin if we don’t even have the right tools, the right weapons!

d. If we don’t prepare our minds and hearts to serve God ahead of time, we run the risk of not serving God at all.

i. Of compromising our faith

3. And don’t forget the armor of God…

a. We’re soldiers in a spiritual war that’s raging around us everyday.

b. Would you be crazy enough to walk onto a literal battlefield without at least a shield to protect yourself?

c. Then why do we walk out the doors of our homes and into the doors of our schools and workplaces having chucked the armor we need in the battle in the backseat of the car thinking…”Ah, I’ll be ok!”

d. Ephesians 6:10 – 20

4. Let’s be prepared for the journey, the tasks, the battle that lies ahead.

5. If we want to survive, we must be prepared.

b. Pilot

i. Saw a sign the other day…”If God’s your co-pilot, you’d better switch seats!”

ii. We all need guidance and direction in life.

iii. What would we do without parents, teachers, ministers, elders, mentors?

1. These are people that guide us and lead us and help us keep our steps on the right path.

2. We so badly want to fly the plane and yet, we have no idea how to do it right!

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