Summary: God calls people to work but equips them to do godly work!

God calls people to work but gifts and also calls for rest and instructs! Part of God's plan for everyone is to do work using what God has given each person BUT also calls every person to rest in God and listen to His instructions!

Are we putting God’s gifts to work? Are we resting God’s Way? Are we listening to God and obeying? This is the message for us today eventhough this message was given to the Israelites of old on their way to Canaan.

Please open your Bibles to Exodus 31…… Read along with me…..

And so we note, as God builds the loving relationship with His Chosen People:

v1-11: God called and gifted people to build godly things!

God can fill people with His Spirit, give them skills, ability, and knowledge in all kinds of work!

Now, take a look again at the end of v11………

God provides but people must take action with His Word!

v12: Sabbaths must be observed by all Israelites:

What is it? – v15……

Purpose?? – v13…. A sign of the relationship between the Israelites and God the Holy Lord!

How important was it?? – v14….

v16 – a lasting covenant (agreement) with the Israelites

v17 – an affirmation of God’s power in creating everything in 6 days!

v18 – God put in writing His instructions to the Israelites!

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! God still calls people today to work, gifts, but also calls for rest and for obedience!

A passage in the Letter to the Roman Christians applies to us today complementing Exodus 31. Turn with me to Romans 12:1-13……..

3 verses to highlight:




I started the message with the following questions: Are we putting God’s gifts to work? Are we resting God’s Way? Are we listening to God and obeying?

But because God gave us the greatest gift who is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ did all the work for us for cleansing our sins on the cross, the call for us Christians today is somewhat backwards from the Israelites of old; instead of doing work first for the Lord, Christians are to first Listen to God’s Word (renew our minds) and obey, then yield to the Holy Spirit (be transformed) to do godly good work (serve the Lord);

and since Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath, when we focus on Jesus Christ as we do work, we are actually resting in God!

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