Summary: A lesson on making a true difference on our local community.

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Working Together to Impact (Our Community) Delaware

I Corinthians 3:5 -11

I.Together, we become instruments of God.(v. 5-7)

A.“You can change peoples way of thinking and you

can change their lifestyles, but you’ve done very

little until you’re able to change their

hearts. ”

B.“What does being instruments of God do for you?”

1. It relies on the power of God.

- Brian Moore’ plant’s. “He can plant a rock

and have a rock tree grow.”

- Brian can plant, water, talk to, care for a

seed, but who actually makes it grow? The one

who designed the seeds.

- We can impact Delaware (our city), change

peoples minds about things, help them with

issues in the lives, but what actually

transforms their heart?The one who designed it!

- Rely on God and let Him use you as His


2. It takes the pressure off of you.

- “I want to do something, but I just am not


- You don’t have to be able. God gives you the


- "Touch of the Masters Hand". song

II. Together, we are co-laborers. (v. 8-9)

A. Paul and Apollos worked together.

1. Paul planted: he started the church in Corinth.

2. Apollos watered: he was a constant

presence/friend that “watered” the

relationships there.

B. The church is a body with different parts that

join togeter to accomplish tasks.

1. Illus: 4 ways of grasping hands in wrestling.

1. Each hand grasping the opposing wrists.

2. Each set of fingers together, grasping the

opposing hand, palm to palm.

3. Each set of fingers together, hooking each

other. (strongest grip)

4. Fingers intertwined with one another:

common in prayer. (weakest grip)

- Which is strongest? (#3)

- When all the fingers are working together.

2. You need to become a part of the body.

III. Together, we have a common vision. (v. 10)

A. Why do we need vision?

1. “Without a vision, the people perish.”

-Mr. Magoo. Lacking vision.

2. Arrows transparancy.**

- At this time, I would display a transparancy of a large block arrow pointing in one direction with many smaller arrows inside pointing all different directions. Point: to understand that someone many have a larger "vision" to go in one direction, but many smaller "arrows" in our lives take us in different directions away from that larger vision.

B. Where do we get a vision?

1. From the “architect.” = expert builder. (v.10)

2. Paul came with the plans, the ideas and the

vision to start this church in Corinth.

C. “Who is our expert builder?”

That would be me(pastor).

1. “Oh, a hot shot. Mr. Big Stuff.”

2. It was not from me!

a. “By the grace God has given me.”

b. Grace = To be given something you do not


c. This vision did not come from me sitting and

thinking, “What do I want to do with this

church?” but “What does God want?”

D. Church Vision. Focus on impacting the community.

IV. Together, we have a solid foundation. (v. 11)

A. For any work to continue to stand, it must be

put on a solid foundation.

1. My 7yr old building his "club house."

2. It falls over because it is not built on


B. Is the work that you are doing in your families,

friends, neighbors lives going to really last?

C. Illus: 4th of July Sparkler vs. Cemetary’s

Eternal Candle

D. Build your life and your work on the foundation

of Jesus Christ.

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