Summary: Understanding Worship and Fellowship as 2 ways that we fulfill the Great Commandment to Love God and Love Others

EPIC-10-12-03-Worship & Fellowship

Today we’ve launched into the 40 days of purpose, looking at the 5 purposes that God has for your life. Tonight here @ EPIC look @ the first two-Worship & Fellowship.

Our passage for tonight-Mark 12:28-31-read

-what’s it all about? What really matters?

Jesus says-here it is, if you don’t get anything else get this

Love God-that is the most important thing-Learn to love God back, that’s why we were made to love God and know Him

Typically what we call worship-knowing and loving God. Our problem is that we have defined worship to narrowly. Far to often we hear about worship and think about singing-worship service, going to church, something you do in church. Listening to the word, praying, communion, silence, sharing testimonies, anything that we do that brings glory to God, reflects His character & nature, His attributes is worship. Good attitude in softball, etc.

How can we do this-3 ways

All your mind-thoughtfully, engage our minds-not mindless robots, acting w/ out thinking worship Him, love Him thoughtfully

All your heart & soul-passionately-engages our inner being, our emotions, it is a love relationship that involves passion & emotion. God loved us so passionately He gave His son, and He wants us to love Him passionately.

All your strength-practically-with our abilities, in what we do

Because even though God created the entire world there are 3 things that God does not have unless you give them to Him-your attention (mind), affection (heart & soul), ability (strength Tonight we want to try and give a number of different ways to worship God in addition to doing it through music. Communion, silence, Also through testimonies of what God has done.


Go back to mark 12 and listen to the rest of what Jesus said

-second command-love others-when it comes to our spiritual family this is what we call fellowship.

Fellowship is the act of loving other believers.

ill of my idea of fellowship-fellowship hall, punch & cookies, small talk– true fellowship, love for one another-

The one thing that is to set us apart from the world our love for one another

We are a family-bro & sis, that’s the kind of love we’re to have for one another-early church & many believers in other parts of the world today happens naturally, by necessity-have no other family, persecuted have to rely on each other

Not so for us, how do we do it, connect-small groups-accountability-be there in tough times.

Read I Jn. 3:11-24

Try to create an opportunity for fellowship-love one another, questions are just a starting point-answer one or all, be open & honest-leave when you want or stay and truly fellowship w/ one another.

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