Summary: This sermon illustrates the proper attitude in worship as found in the text.

I. Introduction

a. John 4:23 – “True Worshipers will worship in Spirit and in Truth.” Both Emotion and Knowledge.

b. We have turned our worship service into a performance. Those in the congregation are the audience and the preacher and music director are the performers.

i. That is not the way God intended worship to be. God is the audience and we are all the performers. It is God who should be blessed from our worship.

ii. To Worship the way God desires we must have sense of four things. Isaiah is a good example of someone who knew these four things.

II. A Sense of God’s Presence (Isaiah 6:1-4)

a. Isaiah experienced God’s presence in a powerful way.

III. A Sense of Our Sinfulness (Isaiah 6:5)

a. When we worship the way God desires we see ourselves for what we are. SINNERS!

b. Isaiah saw how ruined he was when he stood in the midst of a HOLY God.

IV. A Sense of God’s Grace (Isaiah 6:6-7)

a. Isaiah felt the sense of God’s grace when God forgave him.

V. A Sense of Our Transformation (Isaiah 6:8-13)

a. When Isaiah sensed God’s grace, he was immediately transformed into God’s servant.

VI. Conclusion

a. Romans 12:1 – We don’t stop worshipping when we leave the church building.

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