Summary: This message examines the worship and worshipers that God is seeking.

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Worship That God Seeks

John 4:19-24

I. God Is Seeking Worship Focused on Him (v. 23b)

A. Some Focus on Other People

1. Due to Unresolved Conflict (Matt. 5:23-24)

- If we are at odds with another brother or sister in Christ then we need to go to them and try and settle the matter.

- Until we deal with personal matters that are hindering our relationship with other believers then we cannot worship in spirit and in truth.

2. Due to Critical Spirit

- A critical spirited cannot worship God in spirit and truth because their focus will always be other people.

B. Some Make Themselves the Focus

1. Through Unnecessary Movement

- Getting and moving about during the service especially at critical times during the service can quench the Spirit. You by doing these things take the focus of many away from God and put it on yourself.

- What are Critical Times?

a. During a time when prayer is going on

b. During the time when the scripture is being read

c. During the invitation time.

2. Through Irreverent Behavior

- This may include being so romantically distracted that your mind and heart is not on God.

- Any behavior that causes others to notice you more than they notice God

C. Some Focus on the Methods

1. Our Methods Sometimes Lead to Ruts. We get caught up doing things a certain way so much that we don’t really have a reason for doing them other than because we have always done it. We can become so methodical that we worship the routine more than God.

2. Our Methods Sometimes Leave out the Spirit. We must never get so rigid about our worship that it totally leaves out room for God’s spirit to work. There are certain spirit killers:

- Clocks & watches

- Worship guides or bulletins

- Lack of willingness to change direction of service as the Lord leads.

D. All Should Focus On God ( John 4:23b)

II. God Is Not Seeking a Kind of Worship (V. 24)

A. God Seeks Different Expressions of Worship

1. Hands of Praise -Psalm 63:4

2. Claps of Triumph & Tribute -Psalm 47:1

3. Songs of Praise – Psalm 47:6

4. Reverence Toward God – Psalm 46:10

B. God Seeks Worshipers to Worship in Spirit

1. Not only External Worship. You may be able to clap loud and in rhythm, sing beautifully, shout amen the loudest and pray eloquently, but if your heart is not right with God then it is empty worship

2. Ultimately Means Proper Heart Attitude

• A Repentant Heart - A heart that recognizes its place before God

• A Contrite Heart – This is to say that we need to have a heart that is soft and moldable. We need to allow God to shape our heart through His word

C. God Seeks Worshipers to Worship in Truth

1. Worship Consistent With Scripture

- Scriptural worship include music with a variety of instruments according to Ephesians 5. It includes the reading expounding of the word of God (Neh. 8). It includes fellowship. It includes giving. The problem many churches have is that they worry more about the method and style of worship than they do the heart that is doing the worshiping. If all you have done is have a deified pep rally that was done for an outward show then you have experienced the wrong kind of worship.

2. Worship Centered on the Revelation of Truth

- So what is the right kind of worship? The right kind of worship is worship that reveals the source of Truth. It reveals Jesus Christ who himself declared that He was the truth. When your music and message reveals Jesus and lifts Him up then you have worshiped for the right reasons.

III. God Is Seeking Those Who Qualify To Worship

A. Some Are Religious But Lost (John 4:22)

B. To Worship Requires A Relationship (John 4:24)

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