Summary: John is translated spiritually into the Throne of God and He describes what he saw

Revelation Chapter 4-Worshipping God in The Throne Room of God

I. The Presence of John in The Throne Room [Worship of God the Father] (v.1)

A. After this I looked [New Unit of Revelation-2nd of Five Units-1:1, 4:1, 7:9, 15:1, 18:1]

B. Behold, a door was opened in Heaven [New Location]

C. The first voice I heard…trumpet talking with me [The Same Voice-1:10]

1. Come up hither [Command of Invitation-17:1; 21:9]

2. I will show thee things which must be hereafter. [The Future Unveiled]

D. And immediately I was in the spirit [Translation Spiritually-Daniel 7:1,2; 8:2]

E. And behold, a Throne was set in heaven [Throne of Judgment] (Daniel 7:9,10,13,14)

II. The Person of Worship Described (v.2b-3a)

A. The God of Heaven & Earth (v.2b) [One sat on the Throne]

B. The Glory of His Appearance (v.3a) (Ezekiel 1:27,28)

1. He that sat was to look upon like a jasper [Glittering Gem-Purple/Blue/Green-Most Precious]

2. He that sat was to look upon like a sardine stone [Brilliant, Blood-Red Stone]

III. The ‘People’ of Worship Described (v.4-8a) [Gold Crown/High Priest-Ex 39:30]

A. The Four and Twenty Elders [24 Courses-Elders of the Priests-Isa 37:2-Encircle the Throne]

B. The Four Beasts [Living Creatures/Cherubim-Isaiah 6:2; Ezekiel 1:5-10; 10:20]

IV. The Place of Worship Described (v.3-6)

A. In Heaven [Throne Room of God]

B. Rainbow round about the Throne like unto an emerald [Green, Glowing Stone]

C. Round about the Throne were four and twenty seats (thrones) [24 thrones encircling Throne of God]

D. Lightnings and Thunderings and Voices (8:5, 11:19, 16:18)

E. Seven Lamps of Fire Burning/Seven Spirits of God (1:4, 3:1, 5:6)

F. Sea of Glass like unto Crystal [Floor of God’s Throne Room] (15:2)

V. The Practice of Worship Described (v.8b-11)

A. The Worship of the Four Beasts (v.8,9)

1. Focus on His Essence-‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

2. Focus on His Name-‘Lord’: Master/Ruler ‘God’: Theos ‘Almighty’: Pantokrator Eternality

3. Focus on His Praise-‘Give glory, honor and thanks’

B. The Worship of the Twenty Four Elders (v.10,11)

1. Focus on Submission/Humility-‘Fall Down’ [Full recognition of Person of God]

2. Focus on ‘Worship’ [Definition: Adoration to the point of a surrendered will]’That lives forever...

3. Focus on Physical Actions-‘Cast their crowns’ [Full & complete Personal Surrender]

4. Focus on Praise-‘Thou art worthy to receive glory, honor & power’[Full recog’n of His Position]

5. Focus on His Activity- ‘For Thou has created all things’ [Full recognition of His Power]

6. Focus on His Aim-‘And for Thy pleasure they are & were created’ [Full recog’n of His Purpose]

VI. The Principles for Powerful Worship Described

1. Surrender All Daily(Genesis 35:1-5) [Rom12:1,2-Crucify the flesh-Galatians 5:24]‘Under auth’y’

2. Specific Time (Mark 1:35)

3. Specific Place (Mark 1:35)

4. Spirit of Humility (Psalm 51:17; Isaiah 66:2; James 4:7-10)

5. Spirit of Expectation (Hebrews 11:6; II Samuel 7:25)

6. Specific Tools (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:2,3; Colossians 3:16; John 6:63) The Word & Notebook

7. Specific Altar (Hebrews 13:10)

8. Saturated with Praise (Hebrews 13:15; I Peter 2:9)

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