Summary: Communion Meditation for February 4, 2007

(Slide 1) As we prepare for Communion this morning, I am going to give you, in a moment, some questions for reflection to aid you in your preparation for communion. But first I want to spend a few moments on our main text for today.

As we come to this passage, I would remind us of what John said in his gospel account of this scene that appears in John 31:1, “Before the Passover celebration, Jesus knew that his hour had come to leave this world and return to his Father. He now showed the disciples the full extent of his love.” In other words, Jesus comes to this final Passover celebration realizing that it is His last here on earth because He will soon be arrested, tried, and crucified.

But, even though the reality of death is close by, Jesus involves Himself in worship and praise to God because the context of their gathering together is a celebration of God’s deliverance. It is the Passover Meal and it is a time when Jewish families hear a child’s question, ‘What is this all about?’ And the child hears the reply, ‘God saved us from slavery.’

Death was a part of the Passover experience as we read in Exodus 12:12, ‘On that night I will pass through the land of Egypt and kill all the firstborn sons and firstborn male animals in the land of Egypt. I will execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt, for I am the Lord!’ And death was a part of the Passover experience that we read in the gospel accounts.

But, Jesus worships in the face of death, His death, because after His death comes His resurrection!

I don’t celebrate death and I don’t think that you do either. But because of Christ’s death for us we do have something to celebrate – eternal life through Him!

Communion is a time of remembrance and as we prepare to remember, and give thanks to God for our salvation, we also worship the Lord as well. In speaking of worship, I encountered some very practical thoughts from the pen of Marjorie Thompson this past week in my reading and among them was the expressed value of taking time to prepare one’s self for worship through meditation and reflection prior to as well as worshipping through moments of silence.

So, as we think about the sacrifice that Christ made for us, here are some questions for your reflection and meditation this morning to help you prepare for Communion in a few moments. You may simply wish to reflect on the questions by thinking about them or you may wish to take a piece of paper and write them down as well as your private answers to them.

(Slide 2)

(2a) When have I been aware of your presence, guidance, or grace this week? How did I respond?

(2b) When have I been especially unaware of your presence, guidance, or grace this week? Why?

(2c) What habit of the heart do I need to acquire in order to live more fully?

Let’s spend sometime in prayer and reflection with these questions and seek the Lord before we take communion together and worship the Lord.


Passover question and answer is from

Questions are from Marjorie Thompson, Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life. Page 61

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