Summary: How often do we pass that penny on the ground because it is not worth a lot?

Matthew 25:35-40: "I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you took me into your home. I needed clothes, and you gave me something to wear. I was sick, and you took care of me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’ Then the people who have God’s approval will reply to him, ’Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or see you thirsty and give you something to drink? 38. When did we see you as a stranger and take you into our homes or see you in need of clothes and give you something to wear? When did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ ’The king will answer them, ’I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant {they seemed}, you did for me." [God’s Word]


Today as I walked to work I saw by a penny on the ground. At first I thought to just pass it by, because, pennies are worthless and can’t buy much. Now days the term penny candy does not mean what it meant years ago. As I passed by the penny I thought how many people we just ignore because we think they are worthless. How about that person living on the street, you know the one, he lives under the bridge you cross over as you walk to you office from the bus stop; or the one sleeping in the door way that you just crossed the street for because you did not want to have to talk to them. I used to think that people that didn’t know Christ weren’t worthy of my time. I was too afraid to confront anyone with the life saving information that I had to give. I was watching their soul float away in the rising flood water and not doing anything to help.

How many of you have felt this way? I don’t anymore because of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Plus the heart that God gave me would not allow me to not to risk my life to save a lost drowning soul. Just as I would not stand idly by and watch a person drowned I could not watch a lost soul die without doing something.

We pass by those worthless pennies everyday and we see them, but we don’t pick them up because they are worthless. I saw an article on the news yesterday morning and this 10 year old girl was going around and collecting these worthless pennies. She had a vision. She loved animals. Her major concern was the police dogs killed in the line of duty. Her vision was to collect all of these worthless dropped pennies and buy bullet proof vests for these animals. With some help from others she has managed to outfit 25 dogs. So there is some worth in a discarded penny.

Just as there is worth in these discarded people; people who are in a position through no fault of their own. How far away are you from being homeless? With the current economy, if you loose your job how easy would it be to find a new one, with the same pay structure? Have you looked at Monster Jobs or lately to see how many positions are open in your field of expertise? I know, I was unemployed for 6 months while I tried to find a job in my field. With outsourcing [a new name for cheap labor] and less demand I found out pretty quick, I needed to change my path at 56. I am supposed to be thinking about retirement, not about finding work. When I did get a job I had to give my vehicle back to the bank, and then I had to fight and beg and plead to keep my house. I was only [ ] this far from homelessness. No one will rent to you if you have bad credit. And, oh by the way if you can’t pay your bills, the bill collectors are not very understanding. So everything gets reported to the credit agencies. My point is, it wouldn’t take a whole lot before you become just like the men and women you see on the street. Then you can be just an old discarded penny, for others to walk by and say, " I would pick it up, but it has no worth or value".

In Matthew 25:35-40, Jesus is getting a point across. God does not create worthless people. Every unborn child or every old retired person is worth a lot to God. They are worth the life of His only Son. Just like you are. Not only do they have worth they have an eternal life. Jesus states in these passages that the consequences for not recognizing the worth of all people can be bad. You in fact say that Jesus’ sacrifice has no worth or that Jesus has no worth.

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Robert Rose

commented on Aug 2, 2010

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I wrote this 6 years ago. I still work at the Kansas City Rescue Mission. I still struggle to make ends meet, but they do. And I am doing the work God called me to, I thought it was a church, but, No! it was this and I am glad He called me. As I read this it still brings tears to my eyes. An Oh By the way if I walk down the street and pass by a homeless person in a door way He/She is more than likely to say "Hi Bob", And I will respond with a greeting using their first name...Isn''t God Great?????

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