Summary: John in the Throneroom of God sees the Lamb take the scroll and all heaven responds in great praise

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Revelation Chapter 5-The Book and The Lamb

Theme: The Prominence of the Lamb

Title: ‘Worthy is the Lamb’

Text: 5:1-14 Emphasis: v.9,12

I. His Worthiness Shown by His Position [The Judge of the Quick and the Dead] (v.1-5)

A. No angel was found worthy to open The Book [Scroll Conditions: The Seven Seals]

B. No man was found worthy to open The Book [Scroll Contents: The Wrath of God]

C. Nobody but The Man, The Son of Man [His Title of Choice] (John 5:27-30; Acts 10:42; *Daniel 7:13)

II. His Worthiness Shown by His Person (v.5,6)

A. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:9-Coming Ruler-Unto Him shall the gathering of the people)

B. The Root of David (Isaiah 11:1; Jeremiah 23:5; Romans 15:12) [Ancestral Right to the Throne]

C. The Lamb as it had been slain (John 1:29-Behold the Lamb…)[28 Times ‘Lamb’ in Revelation]

D. The Lamb w/Seven Horns & Seven Eyes [Demonstrating His Power/Authority and Absolute Sov’y]

III. His Worthiness Shown by His Priority (v.7)

A. Take the Book [Receive with intent to act upon]

B. Open the Seals [Meet the Conditions necessary to Open Scroll/Wrath of God]

IV. His Worthiness Shown by the ‘People’ Worshipping Him (v.8,11,13) [Universal Worship]

A. The Four Beasts (v.8)

B. The Four and Twenty Elders (v.8)

C. The Angels [Myriads/Innumerable] (v.11)

D. Every Creature Which is in Heaven, & on the Earth, & under the Earth, & such as are in the Sea (v.13)

V. His Worthiness Shown by His Past Work (v.9,10)

A. Thou wast slain [Death/Violence/Kill/Slaughter/Murder/5:6, 9,12,13:8 Lamb/6:9 Martyrs/13:3 A.C., 18:24 Saints] God’s Remedy to Heal the Sin-Sick World and Ultimately Restore Edenic Atmosphere

B. Hast redeemed men to God by Thy Blood [Buy back/slave market/sin-Galatians 3:13-‘Christ/ redeemed]

C. Hast made them unto our God kings and priests (I Peter 2:5,9; Revelation 1:5, 20:6)

D. And they shall reign [w/Him] on earth (20:6)

VI. His Worthiness Shown by His Praise/Worship (v.8-14)

A. Prostrate Worship of the Four Beasts and the 24 Elders(v.8)[Oriental Expression Profound Reverence]

B. Prayers of the Saints (v.8) [Golden Vials full of Odours/Incense]

C. Presence of Music (v.8,9) [Harp: National Instrument of Israel-Singing: Highest form of worship]

D. Proclamation of His Worthiness (v.9,10) [Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals]

E. Praise of the Combined Universal Multitude: ‘Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive’(v.11-14)

1. Power: Dunamis-Dynamite-ultimate power, might, strength, force, miraculous performance deeds

2. Riches: Ploutos-Wealth in abundance, the overwhelming presence of plenty, Cornucopia/horn

3. Wisdom: Sophia-Clever, skillful ability to devise w/craft, God’s application of knowledge

4. Strength: Iskus-Ability to perform, win out and prevail regardless of task

5. Honor: Timay-Reverence, respect, showing the value of His position

6. Glory: Doxa-Brightness, majesty, splendor, magnificence

7. Blessing: Kratos-Sovereignty, Mighty deed, Exceeding greatness

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