Summary: This is the fifth in a series of studies on Ephesians and deals with examining a life that is lived "Worthy of our Calling".

Worthy of Your Calling

Ephesians 4:1-6

Paul encourages the churches at Ephesus to walk in a manner that is worthy of their calling. That is good advice for all of us. Walk in a manner that is worthy of your calling. Let¡¦s look at this for a minute.

1) Our Calling ¡V What is our calling? What do you think our calling is?

„Y To Salvation ¡V to be His people ¡V I Peter 2:9-10

„Y Present our Bodies ¡V Romans 12:1-2

„Y Conformed to His Image ¡V Romans 8:29-30

„Y Be Disciples and Make Disciples ¡V Matthew 28:18-20

„Y Preservers of Society ¡V Matthew 5:13-14

„Y Be His Witnesses ¡V John 20:20-21

„Y Social Application of the Gospel ¡V James 1:26-27

2) What is a lifestyle worthy of this calling?

„Y Humility ¡V which includes sacrifice

„Y Gentleness ¡V means power under control

„Y Patience ¡V Waiting is not our forte

„Y Forbearance ¡V means to put up with or endure each other

„Y Preserve Unity ¡V our behavior should foster unity not division ¡V does not mean we think alike or agree always this is about how we disagree.

3) How does our calling affect the large C church?

„Y One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism -

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