Summary: Jesus reaching out in compassion to help a man who had a desperate need, and when he obeyed, he was made whole.

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Let us pray


On last Friday, while attending the camp meeting at Decatur, I received the

news that my former pastor, pastor George Suddeth passed


There are people today who like things just the way they are, and if a change

should take place they would not know what to do. Imagine being sick for 38

years, no rushing to go to work; no rushing to get back from work; no bills to

pay; no meals to cook; no home to take care of, and then suddenly you are

healed from your sickness, what would you do? This new change in life could

confuse you; this new way of living could drive you crazy; because now you

have to go look for a job; now you have to find somewhere to live; now you

have to find a way of providing for your self, and break the habit of lying

around doing nothing.

Please turn with me in your bibles to St. John 5

verses 1 through 16. Let’s all stand and read together. Please tell someone,

There is work to be done.

In our text for today we find Jesus attending a feast in Jerusalem. It is

believed that most of the people who attended the feast "would be God

fearing people and have their minds upon God; therefore, they would be more

prepared for the gospel. By attending the feast it gave Jesus the opportunity to

teach people to be faithful to the worship of God. We are all called upon to

be faithful in our worship of God. How faithful are you in worship of


There are five scenes that are noted in our text. The first scene is in verses 2

through 4 of our text (read verse 2-4) Just imagine for awhile a multitude of

impotent folks lying by a pool. They were not there sun bathing; they were

not there taking a swim; they were there because they had a need. At the

pool, were those who had eyes, but they could not see. At the pool, were

those who had feet, but they could not walk. At the pool, were those who had

ears, but they could not hear. At the pool, were those with withered hands,

deformed feet; bodies that were paralyzed; people who were helpless and

hopeless. Why were they there at the pool? They were there "grasping for

something to help them in their daily lives." These impotent folks found out

that at a certain time each year an angel went down into the pool and trouble

the water, and the first person who stepped in after the water was troubled

would be healed of whatever disease he had. Some might have said, why go

to the doctor, I can just stay here and wait, and there is a chance that I might

get healed, even if it takes 38 years....elaborate.....

Please note very carefully, people are always grasping for something to help

them in their daily lives. Some might look for the supernatural to take place;

some might look for the power in a pool of water; some might look in the

astrology of the stars for guidance; some might look to some magical person

on earth, because people have a need. Men never change regardless of what

time they live. "In their grasp for help in life, they continue to seek

everywhere except in Christ, the Son of God Himself. They hope and put

their faith in everything except Him." The Bible says in Pro-verbs 14 verse

12, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are

the ways of death." You can live however you choose to live, but each of us

will have to give an account to God........elaborate...

The second scene is in verses 5 through 9 of our text. This is a picture of

Jesus, who has the power to meet the needs of the desperate in the world.

There were many impotent folks lying by the pool, but Jesus focus his

attention upon a certain man who was there. This man was lying by the pool

for 38 years, waiting that one day things would get better. Jesus saw the man

lying there, he knew the man’s desperate condition, and he reached out in

compassion to help this man. This man did not ask for help, but when Jesus

sees a need he will reach out to help in that need.

I want somebody to know today, that Jesus knows your condition, and he

wants to reach out to help you in your time of need. What needs do you have

today? Jesus wants to help you. What burdens are you carrying? Jesus wants

to help you.....elaborate...

Jesus saw this man with a need; He saw this man who has been sick for 38

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