Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The comfort and encouragement of Romans 8:28.

“Yes, God is working even in that” is the comfort and encouragement of Romans 8:28

• As everything around us swirls in confusion & pain and difficulty… God is on the throne, in love, working…

Things can get real tough… as things don’t line up the way that we had planned or anticipated.

• Then before you know it, it feels like at times we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. & it’s heavy!

• Flip over to Galatians 6:1-5

APP: In our church we are surrounded by hurting people.

• Physically hurting. Emotionally torn up. Financially buried.

• You might say, “I didn’t know that.”

• But guys, shouldn’t you, shouldn’t we be actively trying to find them out? Praying for discernment to serve them?

• I know it that many say it’s the pastor’s job, the pastoral staff, the leadership… that’s their job.

• You’re right it is… to some degree.

• BUT it’s NOT JUST the pastor’s job, it for all of us.

• We’re all called alongside of each other to help.

NOTICE in Galatians 6:5, there is the exhortation to bear your own load. At first it seems to contradict what Paul just said.

But there’s a difference.

The BURDEN in v5 refers to a ‘soldier’s pack’ while the burden in v2 refers to a person ‘taking a hit in the chest’!

So everybody is to bear their own burden, their daily walk with the Lord but when somebody is blindsided or falls into sin…

• We’re to come alongside of them and carry the load with them.

APP: This is an important distinction here…

FIRST, we all have responsibilities that we are to bear on our own, our ‘soldier’s pack’. Bear your own burdens.

NOTE: We should not be people who are always trying to get someone else to carry our pack but those who are spiritual

• Carrying our own load while watching out to help others in need.

APP: Occasionally folks in the church will have their own burden and then some huge heavy situation on them as well…

• We should love them enough to say, “I see it’s heavy for you, I see that it’s bringing you down and causing you to wander off.”

• “Let’s pray. Let me help you.”

AND AS WE HELP… one the wonderful gracious tools in God’s Word in tough times is Romans 8:28… a pillow to rest a weary head.

• Read through it…

• Let’s break down this glorious verse together…

#1 - WE KNOW – Paul uses this phrase some 32 times in his writings.

• He uses a tense that says: We KNOW THAT WE KNOW.

• There is certainty & confidence in what we know of God!

NOTE: Christianity isn’t a philosophy or a few good teachings.

• It’s a certainty! We are connected to Jesus Christ!

• It’s a certainty! Every Word of God brings life to us!

• There are certain things that we know 100% to be true.

God loves us! He cares. God is tremendously faithful and will never leave us or forsake us. We know it… by teaching & experience!

NOTE: It’s true too, that there are things we just don’t know.

• We don’t have every answer we’re seeking right now.

• Especially in relation to the pain, the problems, and sorrows.

• But it’s important that we not give up the things that we know, for a few things that we don’t know.

OK… so the circumstances might not change, and you’re finding it impossible to rejoice in the trials…

• But you can, I can rejoice in the Lord!

• Turn over to Philippians 2.12-18

• One of the greatest evidences of our relationship with Jesus is seeing His joy lived out in & through us.

I don’t always understand the trials. I don’t always see the hand of God working behind the scenes. I don’t always get it!

• BUT I go through them, and I trust in the Lord, and I believe in whom I haven’t seen… and His joy becomes my joy.

• And here in Romans 8:28 WE KNOW that God is at work.

#2 - ALL THINGS – Don’t read this SOME things or MOST things, or JUST ABOUT ALL things.

• But the truth is God is at work in ALL THINGS in our lives.

• His work in and through our lives is ALL ENCOMPASSING!

• Now Paul isn’t saying that God will keep you from pain, but that even if you experience pain, God will use it in your life.

APP: IF YOU REALLY DON’T BELIEVE this, if you REALLY don’t think this is true, I bet those around you can tell.

• If we spent some time with you, we’d learn how you’ve become very mad & bitter & upset.

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